Why I’m Choosing Not to Pierce My Girls’ Ears

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As a little girl (and I mean little–like pre-K and kindergarten), I would beg my mother to let me get my ears pierced. The answer was always “no”. I never received my mom’s reason behind her denying me of the experience. All I knew was that my mom had never pierced her ears and to this day, I have never seen my mom wear a pair of earrings.

The first time I got my ears pierced I was in the first grade and was visiting my oldest sister here in Columbus. My mom was with me but wanted and had no parts of me getting them pierced. I’m not quite sure the reason, but my piercings closed within a year. It wasn’t until my middle school years that I got them pierced again. After the second time, my piercings remained permanent.

Over the last couple of years, I have had other women (both family and friends) ask me, “Are you going to get their ears pierced?” referring to my two toddlers. I always politely respond, “Not until they are older”. Recently I have thought more and more about the idea of piercing their ears and have come to this conclusion:

Do I really need something more to obsess over?

I already obsess over finding ear wax and boogers to pick at (I just want my girls to be clean. 🙂 ) and I am completely obsessed with purchasing new hair products, hair bows, and finding lost hair bows. If I pierced the girls’ ears I would find myself constantly checking and making sure no infection is producing on their ear lobes, as well as, purchasing tons of earrings to match their outfits–casual pairs, dressy pairs for special occasions, real gold, plastic, etc. (sigh) I think I will save myself from all the worry.

My daughters’ bodies do no belong to me.

Piercings are usually permanent, which is why I believe my daugthers’ should be able to make the decision about whether or not they want to pierce their ears. Their bodies do not belong to me and I believe it is their right (once they are of age) to decide what they want and do not want on their bodies. More than likely, my girls will see other little girls with earrings and will desire to wear earrings. Once they are at the age where they understand that a piercing is permanent, I will gladly take them to a local mall to experience what most girls in America experience, going to Claire’s and choosing tons of cute little earrings that will mysteriously come up missing within months.

**I do not judge nor condemn any parent who has chosen to pierce their child’s ears prior to the child being able to make the decision on their own; to each their own. Our babies are equally beautiful.** 🙂

Have you pierced your child’s ears? If so, what was your reason for doing so?


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  1. I pierced my daughters ears at 5 months old. It was done in the pediatricians office by her doctor. I’ve always been particular about my earrings and I couldn’t wait to pierce hers. Now at age 3 we change them up at her request. She normally ask Dad but its fun to see her personality shine via her earring choices. As Mom I still has final say, we don’t do big, grown or anything like that. I’m happy to say she has only lost one. I didn’t change them for the first year.

  2. How cute is that–her requesting to change them at 3 years old! Do you have a young fashionista on your hands? 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  3. As the mom of four daughters, I agree with you on this one; I’ve let them get their ears pierced only once I felt they were old enough to handle the responsibility, AND when they asked me themselves to have it done.

  4. Glad to see I am not alone. Allowing them to make the decision for themselves will cause the event to be something special to look forward to. I will admit, I will absolutely enjoy buying earrings to coordinate with their outfits, but I can wait. 🙂