What Moms Do When Kids Aren’t Looking

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There are some things we as moms MUST do in order to avoid a potential meltdown of a child (and parent). One of those things is learning to be a champion of being sneaky with your children. 🙂 (Please note, I am not encouraging you to be flat out deceptive.) Knowing when and when not to be sneaky around your children will help you maintain your sanity. At least for a little while longer.

When kids aren’t looking, Moms…

Add vegetables, flaxseed, chia seeds, etc. to food

We want our kids to be healthy, but unfortunately kids don’t realize the benefits of eating vegetables and taking vitamins. As moms, we have to get creative and find ways to incorporate veggies into their diets. Sneaking nutrition into a child’s diet has become a top priorioty in my home. Read about when I first used Flaxseed. I guarantee you that if they sit and watch you add a vegetable to their favorite sandwich or sprinkle flaxseed into their morning smoothie, they will absolutely refuse to eat it. So go ahead mom, keep on being a sneak!

Sneak a cookie, chips, and any other appealing snack

Throughout the day we may want a snack–a snack that a) I do not want to share and b) if eaten by my child, would cause her to bounce off the walls until bedtime. Sneaking a cookie or two from the pantry while the kids indulge in a little PBS Kids helps to keep me going. It also helps me by keeping my children sugar rush free!

Throw away toys

Oh goodness. If our kids knew this secret, they would surely have a conniption. Throwing away toys that haven’t seen play time in months gives moms great joy, at least for me it does. Less toys=less mess. 🙂

Skip pages while reading

By the time our kids are preparing for bed, we are exhausted. Personally, on nights when I am most tired, there is usually a request for me to “read just one book mommy”. So I don’t receive the worst mother of the year award, I give in and allow the girls to choose a book for me to read. What’s wrong with hurrying the story just a tad? By skipping some pages here and there, I get the opportunity to practice improv and my paraphrasing skills. (Hehehe)

Do a happy dance once the kids are fast asleep

My sweet girls simply wear me out during the day. When I am finally able to tip toe away from their bedroom door knowing they are not going to run out behind me, asking for a snack or begging to watch Doc McStuffins, I get excited! Finally, mommy time. 🙂

I absolutely love my children and I am so grateful to God that He has chosen me to be a mother. There are challenging moments while parenting and I just wanted to poke fun at myself, and you, to remind us all to laugh, smile, and most of all, continue enjoying being  a parent and all that it brings. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all you mommies and future mommies! You deserve all the honor this holiday brings!

What do you do behind your child’s backs to make life just a little easier?

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