An Easy Way to Get Kids to Drink Water | NewAir Pure Spring WAT30B Water Dispenser Review

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I received a sample product from Luma Comfort for review purposes. All thoughts are my own.

NewAir Pure Spring WAT30B Water Dispenser Review

As my daughters exited the infant stage and were able to drink more than milk, I wanted to make sure they drank plenty of water. They had, and still have, very few drink options: water, milk, or apple juice. Of course, as they have gotten a little older they have occasionally enjoyed drinking other juices, but most days, water is their drink of choice, which, in my eyes, makes their picky eating habits less frustrating.

I have always known how important and vital it is to consume plenty of water, but how much should both kids and adults consume each day? It is said that children ages four to eight years old should drink about five cups per day, and, depending on gender, adults should consume nine to thirteen cups. For the last couple weeks my family and I have been using a water dispenser to enjoy quality water. The NewAir Pure Spring WAT30B Water Dispenser is allowing us to drink the recommended amount of water all while using less waste compared to our usual bottled water use.

NewAir Pure Spring WAT30B Water Dispenser Review

Anytime we get a new gadget or item in our house, our daughters react as though it’s Christmas and they have received every item on their wish list. What’s great about their love for new item is that it is actually beneficial to their health and well-being. Getting them to drink water has never been hard, but now it has never been easier. This water dispenser also provides safe and chemical-free drinking water, thanks to it being BPA-free. With all the situations, not only around the world, but right here in America pertaining to water conditions, there has not been another time in my life, especially as a parent, that I have had a greater desire for safe drinking water.

Features of the Water Dispenser

The Pure Spring WAT30B water dispenser fit perfectly in our kitchen. Our appliances are black, some having stainless steel accents, which made this sleek looking machine fit right in with the kitchen decor. 

NewAir Pure Spring WAT30B Water Dispenser Review

Other Features

  • Hot, warm, and cold water options
  • Lights indicating when the dispenser is cooling or heating water
  • Uses a 3 to 5 gallon water bottle
  • Storage space at the bottom of the machine
  • Lightweight for easy moving
  • Quick and easy installation

Safety Concerns

Initially, the thought of adding a water dispenser to our kitchen worried me a bit. I wondered if the girls would make huge messes with it or possibly push the hot water button, creating a frightening accident. Luckily, both girls are able to use the large cold button on the dispenser to easily self-serve when they are thirsty. If they move their cups away a little early, it’s ok because the drip tray will catch the water. The hot button includes a safety button, which keeps unwanted accidents from happening. The only time we use the hot water button is when someone wants a bowl of instant oatmeal, which saves us a lot of time and gives me one less pot to wash. I am also certain that many cups of tea and hot cocoa will be made with the help of the hot water dispenser.

NewAir Pure Spring WAT30B Water Dispenser Review


Finding a bottle at our local grocery stores was challenging. Most stores in my area have refilling stations, but do not sell the bottles already filled. I highly suggest calling around to your local grocer to see if they sell pre-filled bottles. After much searching, we located a retailer that sold empty five gallon bottles, which we took elsewhere to fill. NewAir also offers a water filtration bottle that purifies water and can replace the pre-filled bottles and trips to the grocer for their refill stations. We just ordered one and can’t wait to use it!

Win a NewAir Water Dispenser

You have a chance to win your own NewAir water dispenser! Enter the official giveaway here. Contest ends May 15, 2016.

Find out more about the WAT30B water dispenser at NewAir and the NewAir Facebook page.


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