The Biggest Story is Now on DVD and Audio Book + Giveaway

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I received complimentary products from Flyby Promotions in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.

The Biggest Story Now On DVD and Audio Book

One of the best kid-friendly, Bible-inspired books I have seen and read to my children is The Biggest Story. I shared all the details about it in a previous post and many of you showed interest in the book. It is a favorite in my home and I am thrilled to share what’s new with The Biggest Story

The Biggest Story: How The Snake Crusher Brings Us Back To The Garden

Author Kevin DeYoung and illustrator Don Clark are now offering The Biggest Story in DVD and CD format, bringing the Bible to life in a greater way than even the book! My greatest desire is for my children to have an understanding of God’s word and His desires for their lives. I believe introducing children to scriptures and stories of the Bible create a foundation for salvation and righteous living. The Biggest Story gives parents of children ages 5-11 an excellent and exciting option for getting their child exposed to and excited about the Bible.

The Biggest Story DVD

The Biggest Story DVD features an animated short film with illustrations adapted from the book and narration by the author. It flawlessly connects many of the classic stories of the Bible, ultimately revealing God’s plan to redeem the lost through the cross and rewarding them with Heaven. Children will now be able to visualize the stories they have heard at home and church.

The Biggest Story DVD

Other Features

26 minutes of  animation, divided into 10 chapters
Free digital download of short film
Two-sided poster

The Audio Book

The Biggest Story Audio Book is also narrated by Kevin DeYoung. Its 26 minutes of narration allows for convenient listening whether at home during reading time, devotions or in the car. Listening to it allows children to imagine what happened in the classic Bible stories. It too comes with a vibrant two-sided poster.

Win the DVD and Audio Book Combo

Enjoy the DVD and Audio Book with your family! You can pre-order/purchase them here and here, as well as enter to win them by filling out the form below! The giveaway is open to U.S. & Canada residents.

The Biggest Story DVD & Audio Book

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