Teacher Appreciation: A Way to Say Thanks!

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My favorite grade-school teacher was my fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Brookshire. She was like a mom, grandmother, and Sunday School teacher all wrapped in one. She was a no nonsense type of woman who demanded and received respect from all. The most beautiful thing about her being that type of woman is she never made you feel inferior and never needed to raise her voice to get her point across.

One particular day she taught me a valuable lesson. Our class had a week of state standardized tests and since they were known to be stressful on both students and teachers, parents would prepare and send in snacks for us to have during breaks. During the first snack break, Mrs. Brookshire passed around a container of celery sticks with peanut butter. I told her that I did not want any at the moment and possibly later I would want the snack. When later came, Mrs. Brookshire told me I had had my opportunity to get my snack and she was no longer offering them. She told me I should have taken the snacks when she offered them. What I learned that day (and for years to come) is that you must take advantage of opportunities when they come your way. You cannot assume that they will always be available to you.

Here are three reasons why I am thankful for educators:

  1. They often give selflessly of themselves, going above and beyond what their salary pays them in order to do their job.
  2. They are usually the most influential person in a students life, which carries a huge responsibility.
  3. I had many amazing educators as a student and without their genuine desire to teach and see me succeed, I could have easily fallen through the cracks and become uninterested in furthering my education.

Education has such an impact on ourselves and our little ones. Educents is here to help you pay it forward. In honor of Teacher Appreciation week, Educents & Peekapak have teamed up to provide your favorite educators with a gift basket worth over $40, which includes a FREE $10 Educents Gift Card & 3 months of Peekapak lesson plans (3 digital storybooks, 12 in-class lessons & 12 at-home activities) that teach Character Education and Language Arts.

So, whether it’s your mom, your classroom teacher, your neighbors, or another special human being who taught you important lessons, thank them by giving them a FREE gift basket, on Educents!

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