Make 2017 The Year to Support Your Spouse

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Support Your Spouse in 2017 |

Many have made resolutions and goals to tackle in 2017. I personally don’t make resolutions, but I am all for goal setting. I like to include my family in my goal setting and do so because I do life with them. Whatever I’m pursuing will inevitably bring my family into the pursuit right along with me. This year, one of my goals is to pay special attention to my marriage. More specifically, I want to better support my spouse and I encourage you to do the same.

Support Your Spouse

Support for a spouse isn’t limited to being supportive of a career path or hobby and can be given in every area of their life. You should genuinely be interested in who they are, what they do and where they are going so they can be their best.

Why You Should Support Your Spouse

If you aren’t supporting your spouse, then who is? Seriously. In the past year we have seen a lot of marriages and relationships end amongst friends and family. I don’t know the reasons behind the end of them all but I do know that if you don’t support or give adequate attention to your spouse you are potentially allowing some unwanted guests or habits into your relationship. No one except you and your spouse should have parts in your marriage, right? When someone is lacking attention, it is natural for them to find it in some thing or someone which can be detrimental. Your spouse needs to know that you are aware of what they are doing and are proud to be their mate.

It’s Beneficial

Happy wife, happy life. Happy husband, happy…well, you get the idea. There is so much more joy in the home when both spouse’s love tanks are full. It’s easier to please one another and arguments and disagreements are limited. Ask yourself this question, “Do I bring out the best or worst in my spouse? If your answer is, “The worst”, then you have some work to do. When your spouse is happy and at their best, they will be most productive. That productivity may be them helping with cleaning duties in the home, playing with the children, or even a better performance in their work on the job. Your support of them can honestly be life changing for the entire family.

How To Do It

Instead of complaining about or to your spouse, help them. If it seems like they are unsure about something or headed the wrong way, gently lead them to what you know to be right.  You don’t have to do a ton of talking and offering advice because too much of it will come off as overbearing. As partners we are to have each other’s backs so covering one another in prayer is the ultimate key. Besides prayer, communicating with your spouse that you support them will go a long way. It is a guaranteed way to strengthen them.

Be on the same page. If you aren’t sure what your spouse is up to or thinking about, make a vision board together. Together you can lay out both your individual goals, as well as goals as a family. The clarification and gratification you will receive from doing an activity like this and actually seeing results and a manifestation of the vision and goals you laid out will be so rewarding.

Make the appropriate changes to your level of support for your spouse. Let’s make our marriages work this year and forever. 

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  1. Great reminder! It can become so easy to focus on ourselves or the children and forget about our spouses. The marriage needs nurturing just like all other aspects of the family.

  2. Great read! I agree supporting your spouse is very important in every area of life. I too have seen lots of marriages fail in the last year and that seemed to be the common denominator. Thanks for writing on this issue. I will definitely be sharing it.

  3. We have to do as much as we can to protect our sacred unions! Thank you for reading and sharing, Jovanna! 🙂

  4. I am guilty of allowing motherhood to supercede marriage, but I often remind myself that I fell in love with my husband FIRST. Thanks for commenting Latonya!