Stress-Free Travel to Fort Lauderdale (With Kids)

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Stress-Free Travel to Fort Lauderdale (With Kids) |

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Hopping on airplanes and traveling the world is not something my family gets to do often. We are your typical family who once a year (or two) plan a family vacation. With small children, traveling can be stress-full, but if you choose the perfect destination and accommodations, it does not have to be. Our recent trip to Fort Lauderdale, Florida proved that to be true.

Why Travel to Fort Lauderdale

The beach! My family and I desired a U.S. beach vacation that offered warm weather in January, which quickly narrowed down our choices to a couple states. We ultimately chose to travel to Fort Lauderdale because we had already visited Orlando, which included visits to Disney World, Sea World and Universal Studios. It was also fairly inexpensive for us four to travel by plane from Columbus to Fort Lauderdale through the small airline carrier, Allegiant.  We read both great and not-so-great reviews about the airline, but overall, we had good experience with Allegiant and will probably travel through them again.

The Land of Nod, design for kids and people that used to be kids

How to Get Around

Before setting off on this trip I was determined to have a true vacation–no agenda and no headaches. With that in mind, we decided not to purchase a rental car. The headache of having car seats to get through the airport and the delay of picking up (and returning) the rental was not appealing. Instead, we hopped in a taxi to get to the hotel and then back to the airport for our departure. It was perfect for the short 15 minute rides to and from the airport.

Stress-Free Travel to Fort Lauderdale (With Kids) |

While at the hotel we walked up and down the beach to explore a plethora of shops, restaurants, condos, hotels and beach. Fort Lauderdale offers a cheap way to get around the popular areas of town. When we wanted to explore a little further down the street, we jumped on the Sun Trolley Beach link for $1 per person each way, which took us up and down the beach and ended at mall, perfect for a little shopping rendezvous. There’s an app to locate where the nearest trolley is and once you see it near, you simply have to wave and it will pull right over for you.

Where to Stay

I wanted to write this post mainly because of the resort we chose to stay in during our family vacation. It made our trip absolutely perfect! The Marriott Vacation Club BeachPlace Towers in Fort Lauderdale was exactly what we needed for a stress-free and agenda-free stay. Their staff, very friendly and helpful, and its location on Fort Lauderdale Beach was in close proximity to just about everything.

Stress-Free Travel to Fort Lauderdale (With Kids) |

Guest Rooms

The resort is steps away from the beach. Guests can choose from studios to two-bedroom villas offer gorgeous views of the ocean and the property’s pool, pool lounge and hot tubs. Rooms include either kitchenettes or full kitchens, which makes preparing meals for the family incredibly convenient when you don’t want to check out one of the many restaurants in the area.

Stress-Free Travel to Fort Lauderdale (With Kids) |

Kid’s Activity Room

Each day the resort offers activities throughout the entire day for all guests. Their long list included ice cream socials, puzzle time, mini makeovers, tattoo time, craft time and tons more. We took advantage of the children’s activities during the rainy moments of the trip–especially puzzle time and the mini makeovers.

Stress-Free Travel to Fort Lauderdale (With Kids) |

In this adorable kid’s room was everything a kid could want! A play area, lounge area, countless puzzles, books, board games, blocks, video games, a tv, and bouncy balls. Everything in this room was FREE to enjoy. Our children had the best time! Our trip may have been a bust had we not had access to such activities.

Marriott Vacation Club BeachPlace Towers in Fort Lauderdale, FL |



Making trips to the beach and pool means a lot of soiled clothes. Thankfully, there is free on-site washer and dryers in the resort! Some rooms include them and there is also a laundry room located on the main floor of the resort. It felt so great to come home with suitcases full of clean clothes, which made unpacking easy.

The purpose of our family vacation was to have a time to get away and truly relax. Often, vacations can be draining because we have filled every moment up with a must-see attraction. However, I am so glad we were able to take this time to travel to Fort Lauderdale and experience a stress-free vacation.

Where’s your favorite place to travel with your family?


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