The Truth About Being a Stay-At-Home Mom and Money

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The Truth About Being a Stay-At-Home Mom

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Money, money, money. You like having it and so do I. Let’s be honest with ourselves by saying it makes the world go ’round. You can deny it if you want to, but the truth is, most of our day is spent either trying to make money, save money, or spend money. The first several months to a year of being a stay-at-home mom (SAHM) caused me to think about money more than I wanted. The thought of it made my palms sweat and the anxiety it caused overwhelmed me.

How can I stay at home and we still have enough money?

This was one of the first questions I struggled with while contemplating whether or not I could be a SAHM. Before kids, both my husband and I worked. We both had car payments and student loans and a mortgage, to name just a few of our major bills. With two incomes things were tight and we found ourselves not splurging on much. Fast forward a year and we were new parents. We made the decision for me to stay at home for the first year of our firstborn’s life and that I would return soon after. Well, pregnancy two came just five months after the birth of our first, so the thought of becoming a stay-at-home mom slowly became clear and necessary. I have since shared with potential and current SAHM’s that our money seemed to increase as the number of children increased and my working outside the home ceased.

How We Made it Work

My husband and I:

  • Made a workable budget
  • Cut out unnecessary bills (i.e. high priced cell phones and cable–we love our Roku
  • Consolidated student loans
  • Found less-expensive car and home insurance plans
  • Installed energy-efficient appliances and light bulbs throughout the house
  • Became intentional about tithing to our church and being good stewards over our finances
  • Made a plan to quickly eliminate the remainder of our car loans
  • Chose not to place our children in daycare or preschool (which led us to decide to homeschool)

Do you have to depend solely on your husband’s income?

It’s your choice! There is nothing wrong with allowing your husband to be the sole income producer, as long as it’s mutually agreed upon. The first year of solely depending on my husband’s income was extremely difficult. I did not want to ask him for a dime outside of the money he gave me each week for groceries, taxables, and gas. It finally dawned on me that my husband had no problem living life this way and found joy in being the provider of our home. God also showed me that I wasn’t just living life as a moocher, I was at home, raising people that would one day be great contributors to the world and that made me enough and worthy.

How can/do you contribute to our home?

Producing income while at home through a skill or talent is something many stay-at-home moms do. You see it all over Facebook and Instagram–women creating businesses from their kitchens, their sewing rooms, by being craftswomen, through writing and blogging, by being life coaches and tons more! Find something you do well and think of a way you can produce income by doing it. I never would have thought I would bring in income through blogging. It started out as a complete hobby and now it is now my business. Contributing to your home does not mean you have to bring in dollars. Making sure your home is taken care of, the kids are alive and well each day and your husband is happy is your way of making a contribution. If this is the route you take, just remember to take care of yourself, too. It’s quite easy to give and give without taking time to rejuvenate. A happy mom and happy wife equals a happy home, which is the ultimate goal.

My family and I are Believers and strive to live life according to how the Bible says to live, including in the area of finances. We certainly are imperfect, but we credit God for every good and perfect thing, because it all comes from Him. When in doubt, consider and practice what the Bible says regarding finances. It will steer you in the right direction.

The Truth About Being a Stay-At-Home Mom & Money

What questions do you have about being a stay-at-home mom and money?

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