Girls’ Night with Paint With Palette in Columbus + GIVEAWAY

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Girls' Night with Paint With Palette in Columbus

A typical girls’ night out for me involves food, chatting and laughs. I enjoy spending time with my girlfriends and catching up on each others’ lives and dreams. Although usually over plates of flavorful food (lots of carbs, might I add) we recently opted for a new way to have some fun. We attended our first painting event! 

The friends that joined me at this Paint with Palette event are, like me, wives with lots of responsibilities. We were all eager to have a night of fun, away from the wife life (two of us avoiding mommy burnout). Paint with Palette, based in Columbus, Ohio, offers a relaxed and creative environment where you can enjoy the company of others while painting on your own canvas and creating a piece of artwork for you to take home and display.

The event was held at a local restaurant that is known for its pizza, Mellow Mushroom and about 20 women filled up the private area. Although busy creating masterpieces, we still managed to eat with one hand and paint with the other. Our Paint with Palette instructor for the evening, Kara, genuinely wanted us all to enjoy ourselves and be comfortable with our canvas and brushes. While we painted, some of us moaned and groaned about how our paintings looked horrible or how we had messed up. If Kara heard us, she would quickly offer individual help and give us a little encouragement. In fact, she compared the uniqueness of everyone’s brushstrokes to our fingerprints–no one’s is the same.

Paint With Palette in Columbus, Ohio

Although most of the participants expressed that we thought our artwork would turn out horribly, we all ended up loving our pieces and most of all, had a wonderful time at our girls’ night! Kara was right, no picture looked the same, but they were ALL beautiful. At various points of the evening, my friends and I all expressed that attending the painting event helped us to destress and Lord knows being able to destress is every woman’s dream!

Can you guess which canvas is mine? (hint: think green!)

Paint With Palette in Columbus, Ohio

What to Expect at a Paint with Palette Event

  • Events are held at various restaurants throughout Columbus and its suburbs.
  • Tickets must be purchased in advance!
  • You will receive an apron to protect your outfit (that took you so long to put together).
  • Participants are given a canvas to keep, brushes and paint.
  • Be prepared to stay about three hours. Trust me, time will go fast!

Plan Your Paint with Palette Experience!

Whether you attend an event with your BFF, co-workers, or spouse, you will leave your Paint with Palette experience feeling like a true artist and will be ready to return for another Paint with Palette event. Check out the calendar on their website to see when the next event will take place. You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram.

WIN 2 tickets to a Future Paint with Palette Event

Paint With Palette in Columbus, Ohio

I have you all excited to tap into your inner artíst and now you have a chance to experience Paint with Palette for free! One winner and a guest will win two tickets to a future painting event! Entering is simple; Head over to the MommyWifeLife Facebook page (HERE) for details on how to do so. Giveaway ends July 21 at 9pm EST.

What is your ideal girls’ night? Share in the comments!

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