Create A Useful Registry: 10 Newborn Must-Haves

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Create a Useful Registry: 10 Newborn Must-Haves | MommyWifeLife

Having a baby is exciting and can be the most beautiful moment one can experience during their lifetime. There are a lot of preparations that must be made before the baby arrives. That part, well, can be slightly overwhelming. So today, I’m sharing a list of what I believe are the most helpful newborn must-haves to make year one easier.

I am currently pregnant with our third child (Yay!). My last pregnancy was four years ago, so the baby product market has amazingly changed quite a bit. I have never seen so many cool products, handmade and personalized keepsakes or technologically advanced baby gear. One thing is for certain, one can easily go broke after buying all the newest items on the market. Although I am tempted to buy many of the latest of everything, in my five years of being a mom I have learned that the necessities for the first year of a baby’s life are basic. The basics can initially be costly, but sticking to the basics will save you a lot of money in the long run.

I have shopped at Target for all of my newborn must-haves for years. What I love most is that the store is well organized, so I can go to one area and quickly grab everything I need. You are almost guaranteed to save a few bucks because of a special deal or coupon being offered by the store, and I love to save where I can. Creating baby registries at Target online and in-store is easy too. There are always a lot of options for any item you are in need of.

Create a Useful Registry: 10 Newborn Must-Haves | MommyWifeLife


Create a Useful Registry: 10 Newborn Must-Haves | MommyWifeLife

Create a Useful Registry: 10 Newborn Must-Haves

You don’t have to waste your money (or that of your family and friends). These items are the most necessary basics and will keep both you and baby happy. When creating your registry list, add:

1. Bottles

Whether you have decided to breastfeed or bottle-feed your child, at some point you will need to purchase great bottles. Let’s face it, babies only have a couple desires–to eat and sleep. So, be sure to make both eating and sleeping great experiences. One way to offer a great eating experience is to be certain to use bottles that help prevent colic.

Create a Useful Registry: 10 Newborn Must-Haves | MommyWifeLifeCreate a Useful Registry: 10 Newborn Must-Haves | MommyWifeLife

The Playtex VentAire wide bottles feature an anti-colic bottom vent which prevents air bubbles from forming during feeding time, also preventing gas in your baby’s belly. Speaking of prevention, even the bottle’s design helps to keep your baby healthy. Pediatricians recommend a semi-upright feeding position for infants. They say this helps to prevent ear infections, which no mother dare wishes their infant to experience.

Veteran and breastfeeding moms know how important the transition from the breast to bottle-feeding is for babies. The Most Like Mom® NaturaLatch® Nipple makes switching between breast and bottle feeding easy, allowing a more natural latching experience. Great bottles helps for better beginnings for your baby’s eating experience and habits.

Create a Useful Registry: 10 Newborn Must-Haves | MommyWifeLife

2. Diaper Genie

I can bet my life that you don’t like to have a stinky home. The amount of newborn diapers you will go through will blow your mind. If you are choosing disposable diapers, having a Playtex Diaper Genie Complete should be a no-brainer. I used an older version of the Diaper Genie with my daughters and it worked great. However, there is now an even more advanced system, which has great features such as:

  • a built-in carbon filter that absorbs the strongest diaper odors
  • a 7-layer refill bag with double Air-Tite® CLAMP
  • a foot pedal to open the Diaper Genie to avoid touching the pail
  • a front bin tilt to easily remove the bag of soiled diapers and tons of space–holding up to 270 diapers

Create a Useful Registry: 10 Newborn Must-Haves | MommyWifeLife

The Diaper Genie Complete fits in any corner and is lightweight and easy to move around if needed. Keeping the nursery smelling fresh is easily done with this pail.

3. Onesies

I don’t think I ever had enough onesies for my children. They are so needed and necessary for the first year of a child’s life, especially for newborns. There is nothing wrong with buying cute outfits for outings, but baby’s grow so quickly that during the first few months, especially while at home, a simple white onesie is all that is needed. Trust me, between spit ups and blow outs, you will wish you had a weekly delivery of fresh white onesies, so request many on your registry.

4. Bibs & Burp Cloths

It is inevitable that milk will run down the face and onto the neck of your baby during a feeding time. It is also inevitable that they spit up a time or two, causing you to change their entire outfits. Having a lot of bibs and burp cloths will help you to save both baby’s clothes and your clothes. Once the teething stage arrives, you will find yourself switching the baby’s bibs five times a day! Slobber is no joke folks.

5. Receiving Blankets

Receiving blankets aren’t just for placing on your aunt’s shoulder or arm before handing over the baby. They come in handy when visiting the doctor’s office (avoiding cold tables and weigh stations) and especially when using a changing station at a store or restaurant on the days you forgot your nylon changing pad. A handful of these will do, but they are absolutely a must-have.

6. Nursing Pillow

Feeding your little one is made easy with nursing pillows. Using one provides support to your arm when nursing or bottle-feeding your infant, especially in those early stages when newborns fall asleep during a feeding, causing a lengthy feeding time.

7. Wrap or Carrier

If you want to get anything done around the house, including cooking, cleaning and tending to your other children, baby wearing is essential. Babies also benefit from baby wearing. It is said that a baby’s social and emotional development is increased as a result of being on their parent and seeing more of their environment. As we know, babies enjoy slight movement and are comforted by swaying motions. Wraps and carriers offer a lot of that. There are many brands and styles of baby wearing gear, so be sure research and read reviews to find what’s best for you.

8. Syringe/Nasal Aspirator

It’s pretty hard to get a baby to blow their nose, which is why having a syringe will come in handy. Babies can often have mucus and little boogies blocking their nasal passages. Relieving them of their congestion will make both baby and mommy happy. Don’t get caught without one!

9. Swaddle Blanket

A great nap or night’s sleep requires a comfy baby. A swaddle blanket or swaddle sack keeps baby nice and snug while sleeping. Wrapping your baby will remind him or her of the womb, which in turn allows for a comforting and restful sleep. We had great success with our swaddle sacks and baby number three has to have one. A happy and rested baby; a happy and rested mommy; a happy and rested home.

10. Diapers 

Diapers and wipes are a given, but I want to stress to you to request diapers as gifts as much as possible, because you will spend most of your money during the first couple of years of your baby’s life on them. One tip is to request several different sizes of diapers. Don’t purchase many newborn diapers because most babies do not stay in that size for long. Ask your family and friends for sizes 1 through 3 to help you get through year one and some of year 2.

Comment below with your nursery and newborn must-haves!

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    These are all definitely essentials. I remember being so overwhelmed with what to get when my kids were little. #client