A Premama Milk Boosting Smoothie

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This post was sponsored by Premama as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Premama Lactation Boost Smoothie

I have experienced having a low breast milk supply. Nursing sessions were frustrating for both me and my baby and they often left me feeling inadequate of feeding my child. At the time, I was not knowledgable about what could naturally help me increase my supply to satisfy my daughter’s appetite. With baby number three I am prepared with Premama products and a milk boosting smoothie.

What’s fantastic about Premama products is whether trying to conceive, currently pregnant or breastfeeding, the prenatal and postnatal multivitamin supplement mixes can be helpful in helping moms maintain healthy bodies. Although Premama has many product options, their Lactation Support Drink Mix is my top choice for helping me boost my breast milk supply as I nurse my infant.

Milk Boosting Smoothie

Premama Milk Boosting Smoothie

Ingredients & Taste

The Premama Lactation Support Drink Mix contains fenugreek, fennel seed and blessed thistle, helping the mix to aid and support breast milk production. These products also contain folic acid levels similar to prescription prenatal vitamins, Omega-3 fatty acids and non-constipating iron. Thankfully, these ingredients don’t cause the mix to be the typical dreadful tasting supplement.

Although I don’t make them often enough, I love a fruit smoothie! Consuming anything with even the slightest medicinal taste makes me cringe, which is why I am so glad the Lactation mixed berry mix is great tasting and compliments my strawberry banana smoothie very well. If you have a hard time swallowing pills making Premama maternity supplements a great alternative. The supplement mixes can be added to water or any other non-carbonated drink, such as your morning smoothie, like I did.

Milk Boosting Smoothie Recipe

1 Whole Banana

5 Whole Strawberries

1/4 Cup Almond Milk

Ice Cubes

1 Packet of Premama Lactation Drink Mix

Premama Milk Boosting Smoothie

For the best smoothie, add all ingredients into the blender at once and blend. Once fully mixed, add to your favorite cup and enjoy!

Other Premama Products

I visited my local Meijer to check out the Premama line of products. Meijer’s pharmacy is near the entrance, so I found the products within seconds of entering the store. Premama products can be found in Meijer stores and other retailers in the vitamin section and right now you can save on many of the products.

Premama Milk Boosting Smoothie

At Meijer, save up to $5 on products September 12 – 25:

  • Premama Fertility – Save $4
  • Premama Essentials – Save $4
  • Premama Essentials + DHA – Save $5
  • Premama Lactation – Save $4
  • Premama Digestive Aid – Save $3

Premama Milk Boosting Smoothie

Win Maternity Wellness

From now until September 29, you can enter to win a Premama prize of either Premama Lactation or Premama Fertility. Visit Premama on Facebook and Instagram for more maternity wellness inspiration.

Premama Facebook Sampling

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