10 Reasons to Love Goldfish Swim School

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We receive complimentary lessons at Goldfish Swim School Westerville. All thoughts expressed are 100% my own.

10 Reasons to Love Goldfish Swim School | MommyWifeLife

My baby girl is a swimmer! Well, not quite, but she is on her way, thanks to our weekly lessons at Goldfish Swim School in Westerville. My family is not new to Goldfish Swim School because last year our oldest girls took lessons for a few months. I loved it then, and I love it even more now that my six month old daughter has joined.

10 Reasons to Love Goldfish Swim School | MommyWifeLife

As a child and teenager I had several swimming lessons and, unfortunately, never learned to swim nor conquered a slight fear of water. I have been to a number of swim parties or hotels where I could not enjoy the pool because of this. My daughters will not experience what I did because Goldfish Swim School has the perfect programs to develop smart and safe swimming habits. I am so glad to have this organization in our community, which is why I have to brag on them a little.

10 Reasons to Love Goldfish Swim School

The Mini 1 Class

My little enrolled at five months old, so she is in the Mini 1 class. The class is perfect because students are four to fifteen months old and are accompanied by a parent at all times. Each class is 30 minutes with a six to one ratio. The Mini 1 class focuses on getting babies acquainted with the water, teaching them swim skills, like floating on their backs, pulling with their arms, kicking, and going underwater.

Time for bonding

I get to swim with my little one, which allows me to have a first-hand look at her progress. Although the 30 minutes seem to fly by, the class is another way to spend quality time with her.

They have the family in mind

Whether kids are waiting to swim or siblings are only there to show support, they can have a little fun while doing so. They can enjoy an area just for them where they can read, play with toys and admire fish. Family (open) swims are another way GSS encourages families to spend time with one another. Enrolled families can swim during family swim times for free and others can join in the fun for an extremely reasonable price. It’s also a great way for the kiddos to implement what they have learned during swim class.

Nearly perfect facility

From the layout to the island-inspired decor, every element of the building has been well thought out, making it easy to navigate with little ones. The color scheme is bright, yet warm and inviting and showering and getting dressed after class is made simple with showers and cute hut-like dressing rooms near the pool. Did I mention it is always clean? I’m a slight germaphobe so seeing the cleanliness of the facility makes me love it even more!

10 Reasons to Love Goldfish Swim School | MommyWifeLife

Warm water

The water is kept at the comfortable temperature of 90 degrees. Our classes have been during the winter, so we could see snow falling outside while we were swimming. I have yet to see my baby shiver when getting in or out of the pool. It is so comfy! Oh, and it does not reek of chlorine like most pools, so it is easy on the noses of the little ones.

Teachers and staff are the best

GSS teachers and staff are always friendly and I have found them to be knowledgable. We have experience two teachers so far and both have instructed our class with enthusiasm and encouragement, which has helped alleviate any reservations I had prior to the class. 

10 Reasons to Love Goldfish Swim School | MommyWifeLife

Littles learn all about water safety

The earlier a person can learn how to safely swim, the better. Ultimately, the goal of any swim class is to teach students how to be safe in the water. Lessons for babies will not only help them to swim safely, but it will also allow both them and parents to better enjoy trips to the pool as they grow.

You can start whenever

Goldfish Swim School takes pride in their Perpetual Lessons model. With this model, kids can jump into a class at anytime and not feel left behind and parents can easily change the lesson days and times as needed. They know life is unpredictable and that children can receive uninterrupted swim instruction much better this way.

Keeps the kids active

A little exercise, even for the little ones, is important. This class isn’t strenuous, but the babies get are able to get active, leading to a good nap time post class. 🙂 

It’s fun

Kids don’t need much to lure them to water, but Goldfish Swim School has just about every useful pool toy. From rubber duckies, to boats, to slides, kids always see color and fun tools that keep them engaged.

If you’re interested in joining the fun, head to the Goldfish Swim School website for more info.


Have your children ever taken swimming lessons? Share your experience in the comments!

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