Kids Can Discover Wildlife with Jack Hanna’s Big Book of Why

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Jack Hanna's Big Book of Why

Kids are designed to ask questions. They just cannot help themselves. You know it is true because you have heard a child ask, “But why?” after a series of answers an adult tries to provide. Since kids only learn what they are taught, we as parents try our best to answer their questions, and frankly, are sometimes stumped.

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My family and I make a few trips each year to our local zoo. Whether splashing at the waterpark, which is only steps away from the zoo, or discovering the many animals and their habitats inside the zoo, we are always certain to have fun and learn a thing or two. For most animals we see, I have to read the nuggets of information at the educational stations and signs to help my children understand exactly what we are looking at and honestly, to educate myself!

Columbus Zoo


One of the many things that makes the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium so special is its Director Emeritus, Jungle Jack Hanna, America’s favorite zookeeper. He has been a huge part of the Columbus Zoo’s success since 1978. He is often seen on television talk shows with an animal on his arm, neck, or in his hands, educating the world about both common and rare animals from all over the world. As a child, I remember seeing hims most on the David Letterman show, giving us a great laugh. David Letterman was almost always terrified of the animals Jungle Jack would bring to the set and for Jungle Jack, being surrounded by the various animals was a piece of cake. He has included some of his animal wildlife knowledge in a new children’s book called Jack Hanna’s Big Book of Why. He is answering all the questions your kids have asked and you couldn’t quite answer, such as “Why do hyennas laugh?” (like in the classic film, The Lion King) and “Why do parrots talk?”.

Jack Hanna's Big Book of Why


Jack Hanna’s Big Book of Why is 176 pages of brilliant colors and images of the world’s wildlife. This hardcover childrens book is organized by habitat—deserts, grasslands, forests, rainforests, the ocean and poles, making it easy for you to find your child’s favorite animal. The close-up photography gives readers a beautiful reading experience and caused my children’s eyes to beam with excitement at the flip of each page. Grabbing the attention of readers of all ages, Jack Hanna’s Big Book of Why will quickly become the family’s go-to for wildlife facts.

You can purchase Jack Hanna’s Big Book of Why HERE.

How often do you visit your local zoo? Do your children have a big interest in animals?

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  • Meredith Stohrer Feisel

    Hadn’t heard of this book. Too cool!

  • mommywifelife1

    Hey! It came out this week–super cute!