Preschool at Home: Intro to Numbers

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Preschool at Home: Introduction to Numbers

A child’s education begins at home. Parents should be their child’s first teacher, regardless if the child will be homeschooled or will attend a traditional school. Looking for ways to introduce the basics to your chid? In a recent post I shared how you can introduce the ABC’s to your child. Let’s continue the “Preschool at Home” chat about an intro to numbers!

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Click below to learn about Introducing the ABC’s.

Preschool at Home: Intro to ABCs


Learning about numbers can occur anywhere and at any time. I look for opportunities for my girls to count everywhere I go–in our front yard, a retail store, the kitchen, etc. Learning doesn’t have to be limited to sitting at a table with pen and paper.

Count with Food

Kids love snack time and my toddlers especially love to eat pretzels, gold fish, and grapes during snack time. Using these food items to learn to count was a great incentive for my children. Before I would give them their midday snack, I would ask them, “How many do you want?” They would answer me with a random number and I would provide them with only that amount. They would then have to count them before consuming them. They eventually learned which numbers were big numbers–they wanted “more snacks, mom!”.

Count Objects Around the House

How many chairs do you see? How many red toys do you see? How many cups are on the table?”  These are simple questions I would ask my girls during the day to get their wheels going and to get them to count. Counting objects around the house makes it easy to practice learning numbers.

Count with Counting Cubes

Preschool at Home: Introduction to Numbers

Do you remember getting to learn with Unifix counting cubes in elementary school? I was so excited to find these for our learning time and my kiddos love using them! These are great for learning many things, colors, counting, and simple math problems. Using them to help your child learn to count will allow them to visualize how much a number is. They can visually see that the number five is greater than the number two, and so on.  They are a great investment, durable and can last a lifetime (if you don’t lose them one by one).



Like me, my children are visual learners. I have always looked for decent, kid-friendly YouTube videos to help me teach them various topics. Here are some of our favorite counting videos.

  1. Count and Move (1-20) by Super Simple Songs
  2. Count Down (20-1) by Super Simple Songs
  3. Ten in the Bed by


Preschool at Home: Introduction to Numbers

The absolute BEST numbers flashcards my girls have used were these wipe clean activity Flashcards that they received as a gift from one of their grandmothers. The cards not only teach the children to recognize numbers, but also prompts them to count the amount of objects on the flashcard, trace the spelled out word of the number, and a little problem solving. That’s a ton of stuff!

Take advantage of being able to teach your little ones’ preschool at home. Your child’s intro to numbers should be fun and easy and there are lots of tools to make it that way.

How are you introducing numbers to your preschooler? Comment below!

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