I Confess, I’m Tricking My Kids

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On most days of the week, I prepare a well-rounded meal consisting of a meat, veggie, and a starch (my absolute weakness). Once I finish preparing our meals, a sense of accomplishment and gratitude overtakes me, as I feel “I have done my duty”. With all the plates prepared, I place them in front of the kids and my husband. Shortly after, I hear my sweet 2 year old’s voice saying, “I don’t like that!” as she proceeds to push her plate from her highchair tray to the table. I instantly feel defeated as a mother and began thinking of ways to persuade her into eating everything on her plate.

“No sweets or treats if you don’t eat your food.”

“You cannot watch Dora if you don’t try your green beans.”

“You cannot have any more to drink if you don’t eat.”

“These help you to get big and strong like mommy and daddy!”

“Your belly will hurt if you don’t eat this!’

“Try ONE bite, and then you can go play.”

Pathetic, right? Sadly, she is a very strong-willed child and usually ends the meal by eating a few bites of one item, it rarely ever being her vegetables.

As adults we know that our bodies need all the fruit and vegetables we can eat in order to stay “regular” and to gain essential vitamins and nutrients for staying healthy. As a mother, I naturally get worried that my children will be constipated and lack nutrition. The last thing I want to happen is for them to be in bad health. So recently I decided that I have to find a way to get my children to like the food that I prepare for them and/or a way to sneak good things in the few food items that they already enjoy.

I have read many blogs and seen on many television shows and posts on social media about people using and eating flax seeds. I would always think to myself, “Maybe I should try some of that,” but I did not necessarily want to jump on the bandwagon of health nuts and possibly waste money on the stuff.

Kroger recently had a digital coupon for $1 off their Simple Truth organic flax seed. I decided I would go ahead and buy it since I would get a little discount. I bought the ground flaxseed meal instead of the actual whole flax seed. I knew this would be perfect for adding it to my children’s food. The first days after purchasing it I decided I would try it out and see if the kids would (unknowingly) eat the flaxseed and like it.

I first tried it in the kids’ beloved maple and brown sugar oatmeal. Both girls really enjoy eating their oatmeal, and at this point, it is the only thing besides fruit that my 13 month old will eat for breakfast. The package says a full serving is two tablespoons. Out of fear and cautiousness, I only added half a tablespoon to their bowls before adding the oatmeal. Once mixed together, it looked as if I had added cinnamon. The girls ate their oatmeal, not showing any signs of dislike. I chuckled inside and knew I had finally won the food battle–well, not really, but I made progress! The next day I used it again, this time on their toast. Once again, the kiddos ate with no hesitation.

I plan to try it in some yogurt, muffins, chocolate chip cookies and anything else that I can think of. With this stuff, I think it is safe to say that the girls will be “regular” in no time. 🙂


 Benefits of Flaxseed

  • It is a good source of fiber, which keeps the bowels regular
  • Great plant source for omega-3, which plays an important role in the anti-inflammatory system
  • It has lignans that act as antioxidants and promotes reproductive health. Both breast and prostate cancer risks are lower for those who consume them.

Source for Benefits


This will be the first of many posts that will share how I am “Tricking My Kids” to eat food that is beneficial for them. Do you have any tricks for getting your kids to eat their vegetables? I would love for you to share them!





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