How I Learned to Be Open

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Learn to Be Open | MommyWifeLife

Attending Type-A Con in Atlanta taught me more about relationships than being a blogger. It taught me to be open, honest, and giving. I was surrounded by women (and a hand full of men) who are veteran bloggers. They know the ins and outs of blogging and most make a very good living through their entrepreneurial efforts.

On day one of the conference, I met a group of women who almost instantly, became my blogger “sisters”. We laughed, shared blogging experiences, talked about parenting and a little bit of everything else while dining at a local Mexican restaurant. Sitting at the table was a one Hispanic, one Caucasian, one Brazilian, one Jewish, and one African-American (me). The table was beautifully diverse.

Type-A Conference | MommyWifeLifeType-A Conference | MommyWifeLife

Some of their accomplishments blew me away, inspiring me to get back home and work! When listening to some of their stories, I took the time to listen and take notes of their triumphs and their fails. As bloggers, whether new or seasoned, we are in this blog world together. We can all learn from one another.

I arrived at the conference alone. I was a bit comprehensive about attending a conference for the first time, by myself. This group of women, I am sure unknowingly, opened their arms to a timid girl who is still learning the ropes in this blogger life. They taught me not to be afraid to put myself out there. Most who attend these conferences, including brands, are looking to connect so I should be prepared to do so. I opted for organic connections and it worked out perfectly and in my favor.

Learn to Be Open

Be open to experience something new.

Be open to making new friends.

Be open to seeing things as they truly are.

Be open to learning.

Be open to giving.

Be open to new beginnings.

Be open to ending things that are no longer beneficial.


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  • It sounds like you had an amazing time at Type A! Conferences can be so inspirational. I went to one by myself, and it wasn’t too bad. bloggers are generally nice people and go to conferences to network. The group you fell in with look like a bunch of fun ladies!

  • mommywifelife1

    Hi, Nikki! I was surprised at the friendliness of bloggers at Type-A because I previously attended a conference and did not feel I could connect with many. I’m so glad the ladies of Type-A were fab and friendly. 🙂

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  • I’ve never been to a blogging conference. Thanks for sharing your experience. I have learned through my own experiences that availability and openness does the soul good. When I try to hide who I really I am, I only become frustrated. When I am open to others, I learn so much and I am able to share so much too. Wishing you continued success in your blogging. I recently wrote a piece about availability. Stop by if you have a moment. 🙂