How Did I Get Here?

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Eight months after getting married my husband and I found out that we were expecting our first child. We were absolutely thrilled, well, after the initial shock of us having a baby before the “2 to 3 years” plan that we made shortly after getting married. Nine months later our baby girl was here! Just as we were finally feeling somewhat settled again and comfortable with the idea of parenthood, God said “Oh, do I have something for you!” Five months after welcoming our first-born into the world we were surprised with the news that we were, yet again, expecting. Say what!? I can honestly say that I was disappointed. This was not a part of my plan! My husband almost seemed excited. I could only look at him like “Why did YOU do this to me…again!?” After about three months into my pregnancy I finally got myself and my selfish thoughts together and was reminded by the Spirit of God the promise He made in Jeremiah 29:11(MSG):

“I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care

of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.”

Often times we allow the plans that we make for ourselves to take preeminence instead of allowing God’s Will and plan to rule our lives. Doing so can lead us to a place that makes us turn around and ask “How did I get here?” Women are wired to plan and to pay attention to every detail of our lives and to those around us. Although this trait is beneficial, we have to be careful not to dismiss God and the leading of His Spirit during our planning. His way and timing is always PERFECT (Psalm 18:30), whether we can always see it or not. Trust Him in every situation. My second pregnancy was a HUGE reminder to do so. My second-born daughter has been nothing but a joy. Having two children under the age of two has definitely had its challenging moments, but after sneaking off to a little corner for a breather and to ask God for help, I always manage to survive the day (sigh). Mommies, remember that you are so special and you were created to do the job! Look up!

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  • Barbara

    Love this blog and so glad for God’s plans are better than what we can even imagine!

  • Kristen Pollard

    Love this Teri!!! Thanks for the reminder that God’s plans are sooo perfect!! Amen! 

  • Ashley Washington

    This is so true! I went through a similar process. My daughters and my marriage is a constant reminder that my life is not my own! It belongs to Christ-no doubt is a difficult to war the title mother, wife (new wife at that), and still try to hold on to some piece of identity of your self. Once I acknowledged my transformation process it was easier to adapt ( still have stumbles but victory is already ours!). Thank God for the blogger and blog!