End of Year Homeschooled Kindergarten Recap

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How We Completed our Homeschooled Kindergarten | MommyWifeLife.com

This past school year went incredibly fast. I feel like I was just sharing our homeschool curriculum picks for the year! It was our first official year homeschooling and it went far better than I imagined. This school year we welcomed a baby girl to our family, sold our home and moved, so there were moments when homeschooling got tough. Some weeks we went without structured learning time, but the girls stayed enthusiastic about learning, which is the ultimate goal of most homeschoolers. All in all, it went well, so here’s a recap of our homeschooled kindergarten year.

Learning the States

We focused on a handful of subjects but specifically on topics that most interested the kids. They specifically wanted to learn the about the U.S. states which resulted in me searching for free worksheets and videos on each topic.

End of Year Homeschooled Kindergarten Recap | MommyWifeLife.com

Here were our favorite United States resources:

Fifty Nifty States Worksheets

State Coloring Pages

Tour the States (Song)

Fifty Nifty United States (Song)

Easy as 1, 2,3

For math we used Math Lessons for a Living Education (level 1). It was so easy to use and moved at a pace that was just right for us all. We covered quite a bit of math topics, but mainly covered addition and subtraction with numbers up to 10 (and higher with other math resources and games), telling time, recognizing patterns in numbers and around us, skip counting by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s, and fractions.

Raising Readers

Hooked on Phonics worked for me!” is a tagline I remember hearing as a child during commercials. What the kid in that commercial said rang true for my daughters. Their reading drastically improved and now they are eager to get new library books and are reading everything they see, including text messages in our phones. (face palm)

End of Year Homeschooled Kindergarten Recap | MommyWifeLife.com 

For the second half of the school year I made up spelling lists for the girls to study each week. They ended the week with both oral and writing spelling tests. It was a great way for me to see how well they remembered what they learned in their phonics lessons.

Historical Figures

We didn’t focus a ton on learning history this year, but this past January and February I included Black History into our lessons each day. I was able to find free resources at our local library and on YouTube to facilitate discussions about important Black American historic figures. The girls have already requested we learn more about important people, so next school year I’ll be sure to include it.


Science Fun

With no set science curriculum, I winged every science lesson with fun activities like bird watching and documenting, engineering activities with Goldie Blox, color making and mixing, and LEGO building. 

STEM Toy for Girls: GoldieBlox Review | MommyWifeLife

Homeschooling this year has shown me that there is as much freedom as I thought and that homeschooling is forgiving. Despite life changes and days where I wasn’t overly motivated to teach, the results were still fantastic and rewarding. 

Did your children have a successful school year? Share about it in the comments!

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