Graeter’s Ice Cream is No Longer a Mystery

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Graeter's Cheese Crown Ice Cream | MommyWifeLifeGraeter's Cheese Crown Ice Cream | MommyWifeLife

I received complimentary products for review purposes. All thoughts are my own.

The headquarters for a beloved ice cream is a little over 100 miles from Columbus. Graeter’s Ice Cream has a strong presence in the Midwest, and beyond. However, I must admit that in my almost 11 years of living in Columbus, I have failed to experience the carefully crafted treat. I am so ashamed. Until recently, I have deprived myself of Graeter’s Ice Cream. I have seen “the light” and can now profess like many I have come in contact with, that this ice cream is delicious!

My family and I like to spend easy Sundays together. Sunday afternoons normally consist of naps or lounging, good food and always a dessert. I picked up some pints of my daughters’ favorite ice cream flavor, Cookies & Cream, along with waffle bowls to make dessert even more enjoyable. I was excited to pick up the newly revealed Graeter’s Mystery Flavor–Cheese Crown.

Graeter's Cheese Crown Ice Cream | MommyWifeLife

I have to be honest, I was slightly apprehensive to pick it up because of the name of the flavor, but I would have truly missed out on a rich bowl of creamy goodness. In one bite I was able to taste cinnamon, cream cheese and pieces of pastry. Every bite reminded me of a slice of cheesecake and my taste buds could do nothing but dance.

I have a lot of snacks that I prefer not to eat around my children, simply because I do not want to share. (Don’t judge.) This is certainly one of those snacks to enjoy while you are enjoying quality time with yourself, moms.

Graeter's Cheese Crown Ice Cream | MommyWifeLife

I am so glad that the taste of Graeter’s Ice Cream is no longer a mystery to my belly. The Mystery Flavor, Cheese Crown, has created stiff competition for my future experiences with this Midwest favorite brand of ice cream. Who wants to join me in taste testing more flavors? Follow Graeter’s on Instagram or Facebook to entice your taste buds!

Have you ever had Graeter’s Ice Cream? If so, what’s your favorite flavor?

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  • That ice cream looks delicious! You are not the only mom who eats alone. 🙂 I don’t always like sharing either. I’ve never heard of Graeter’s before of your post so thanks for sharing.

  • mommywifelife1

    Enjoying a little “me time” with food is essential–at least for my life. 🙂 Graeter’s is really popular in these parts. I’m sure you can find them in your local grocery store!

  • christine urpin

    Ice cream is such a simple pleasure!

  • mommywifelife1

    Indeed. Ice cream turns me into a big kid everytime we meet. 🙂