Free Christmas Resources for Kids

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Free Christmas Resources for Kids | MommyWifeLife Blog

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Teaching children the true meaning of holidays isn’t always the most popular thing to do, but as a Believer, I know that bypassing Santa and his helpers is best for my kiddos. Each year I look forward to sharing something new about the story of Christ’s birthday with our daughters. I’m sharing three of the resources we are finding helping this Christmas season.


Teach Children About Christmas With These Free Resources | MommyWifeLife

My family and I have incorporated JellyTelly devotions into our homeschool lessons since the beginning of the school. We have been familiar with the characters of What’s In the Bible? for a couple years now so digging a little deeper into Bible stories, and now Christmas, has been exciting for the girls. If you sign up (for free), JellyTelly will send you daily devotionals for the next couple weeks so your family can discover the truth behind Christmas, as well as develop a quick, yet impactful time of devotion for every member of the family. Along with the five minute video you’ll also have access to activity pages and suggestions that correlate with the devotional.

Listener Kids

As a child I was forced to sing in the children’s choir, so I grew up knowing many traditional Christmas songs, including those with multiple verses. In retrospect, I greatly appreciate my parents and church for giving us children the opportunity to learn songs with meaning. This year my desire was to introduce those same songs to my daughters; the songs that tell the story of Jesus and celebrate His birth. One of the YouTube channels I am using to help do that is Listener Kids. The girls are captivated by the animation used in the video for Joy to the World (watch below)! If you visit their website you can download a free album of Christian songs for children.

The Jesus Storybook Bible Advent Calendar

This resource is a free 24-day printable Advent calendar that shares the story of Christmas. The printable calendar includes illustrations from the Jesus Storybook Bible, a daily reading plan, and Bible verses. Click here to check it out.

What Advent traditions have you started with your family?

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