How to Get a Free Breast Pump

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How to Get a Free Breast Pump

Our last child was born four years ago and a lot has changed in the world of babies. My latest discovery was, to me, like finding a pot of gold. I learned that for our third child (due in a couple months) I will get a free breast pump! What stinks is that I could have saved my money on the breast pump I purchased while nursing our two oldest daughters. I’m not sure why no one shared this information with me, but I certainly want to pass this info on to every nursing mom I know.

Benefits of a Free Breast Pump

Breast pumps come in handy for nursing moms, especially those who desire to return to work. As a stay-at-home mom, pumping allowed me to step away from the house or for a couple hours in the evening without sacrificing my child’s exclusive diet of breastmilk. It also gave daddy a chance to bottle feed and bond with our babies.

Most breast pumps can cost anywhere from $50-$200. When you’re already spending hundreds (or thousands) preparing for a new baby, any extra help is appreciated. The Affordable Healthcare Act (2010) made receiving a breast pump covered by many insurance companies possible as part of women’s preventative health services. 

Contact Your Insurance

Getting a free pump is simple. Call your insurance provider and simply ask them if your plan allows you to receive your free pump. Every insurance company is different and may offer many options, like renting or purchasing a pump. They also may have a specific list of brands of pumps you must use in order to benefit from the service. 

There are also companies who will contact your insurance for you, which is the route I took. After a little searching online, I found a company that with very little information, (i.e. name, address, insurance member ID), was about to contact my insurance company to see if I was eligible for a free breast pump. Once I am about a month out from my expected due date, the company will contact me so I can choose what brand and model I want and handle the shipping for me.

We all can use a break from time to time and receiving a free breast pump during a time when money seems to be flying out of your pockets is certainly a win.

Did you know of this service? Will you take advantage of it?

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