Footer Family Foot Measure Memories & Milestones Keepsake Kit Review

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Footer Family Foot Measure Keepsake Kit |

As a student in college, I worked for a popular athletic shoe retailer. As employees we were encouraged to push orthotic inserts to customers and to always ask the customer when was the last time they got their feet measured. Most of the patrons, except for kids, were hesitant to accept the free service (Not sure why, maybe they had stinky feet. In that case, I am grateful that they declined.). I even had teen girls who would lie about their shoe size and wanted to stuff their feet into shoes that were as much as two show sizes too small! Is that crazy or what!?

There will never be a shoe that is so cute that it makes me want to cause damage to the bones in my foot. According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, most Americans have walked about 75,000 miles once they have hit age 50. Most foot and ankle issues can be prevented or lessened with proper fitting shoes and general foot care. Childhood foot care is especially vital. A child’s foot grows in size about every four months. With that in mind, it is important for parents to replace their child’s shoes, providing proper fitting shoes. Improper fitting shoes can cause calluses and corns, heel issues, strains, sprains, and most severe, breaks in the bone of of the foot.

I recently received the Footer Family Foot Measure, Watch Me Grow Memories & Milestones Keepsake Kit. The kit, and the Footer Family company, has been granted the Seal of Acceptance by the American Podiatric Medical Association for promoting good foot health. My children recently watched a television programming discussing measurements, which sparked an interest in the subject. They now walk around and wanting to measure things around the house and comparing their height to other people. I was so excited to receive the kit in the mail and knew my children would be even more thrilled to finally have proper measuring tools in the house.

Here is what is included in the Keepsake Kit:

Keepsake Coloring Book, Calendar Reminders & Height Markers Stickers

The book has a kid-friendly and colorful cover that the little ones love. My girls love to color and use stickers, so they wanted to stick the calendar reminder and height marker stickers on everything but the book. Luckily, I was able to apprehend the stickers before my girls could put them on the walls.

Footer Family Measure Kit |

Foot Measure (For Children and Adults)

There is no longer a reason to guess what size shoes my girls need every four months. The foot measure is foldable and can be easily stored. It is designed for the entire family, so parents can also be sure to get proper fitting shoes.

Footer Family Memories and Milestones Keepsake Kit |

Measuring Tape

Getting their height measured may have been the girls’ favorite thing to do with this kit. They could not wait for me to read off their measurements, as if they understand what they meant.




This Footer Family Foot Keepsake Kit is a great gift idea for parents of newborns and for children celebrating their first birthday. The book prompts parents to measurement their child’s feet every four months beginning once a child has reached age one. Although ideal for children beginning at age one, parents of children of any age can use the kit, as it is a good way to keep record of your child’s height and foot growth.

Want to learn more about the Watch Me Grow: Memories & Milestones Keepsake Kit? Visit the official website Footer Family Foot Measure or Like them on Facebook to learn more about this kit and other Footer Family products. By the way, this company proudly has American made products.

I received a complimentary kit from Footer Family Foot Measure in exchange for my review, however all thoughts expressed are my own. 

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