Family Goals: Do You Have Them?

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A new year is only days away.  A lot of people like to look at the new year as a to start anew. With that comes resolutions and thoughts of change. I believe thoughts of change and goal creation is good for individuals as well as for a family.

A couple months ago,my husband and I sat down to discuss what we were looking to do individually in the next year and a half. We also discussed what we wanted to accomplish as a family. Instead of writing down our thoughts, we dug out some old magazines, glue sticks and scissors and created a vision board. We would like to take a road trip vacation within the next year. I found pictures of ideal destinations, cut them out and glued them to a poster board. We planned the entire year on the board and are using it as a visual reminder of what we are collectively working towards.

I challenge you to sit down with your spouse and/or children to discuss goals that you can create and reach towards in 2015.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Set Goals for Your Children

Potty train the little one.

Teach a new language.

Get your child to like new foods.

Prepare your toddler for reading.

Discuss Your Financial Goals

 Do you have a certain amount you want to save?

Are you looking to find ways to increase your income?

How can you change your spending habits?

For more help with financial planning, check out this post and download an easy-to-use budget template!

Plan Your Business Goals

Brainstorm and come up with ideas.

Find a mentor.

Specify the number of clients you want to obtain.

General Family Goals

Do you wish to spend more time together?

Wish to have a vacation or getaway in 2015?

Plan on getting fit and have better eating habits?


Make your goals and pray over them, asking God to lead you so that you make the best decisions for yourself and family. Not sure how to follow God’s leading? Read this article from Charisma Magazine.

You and your family can and will be productive and prosperous this year! You have a BIG God who wants you to be happy and experience the good life in and through Him. Trust Him this next year like never before my friend!








If you believe you can and will meet your goals, comment below and say, “I Will!”

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  • Wendy Fleming

    I will!! Thank you, Teri for this Blog and the inspiration it brings! Keep up the good work and I know that 2015 will be a blessing for both of us in Jesus Name!

    The ideas in this have inspired me to make some visual goal reminders for my family as well!!

  • mommywifelife1

    Amen Wendy! 🙂