Get Moisturized Skin With Dial Miracle Oil Body Wash | Review + Giveaway

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Dial Miracle Oil Body Wash

The Dial brand provided me with a sample of Dial Miracle Oil Body Wash in exchange for a product review. However, all of the opinions expressed here are my own.

During the cold months, my skin takes a beating. It becomes dry and flaky, which causes me to switch up all my body/skin care and hair products (i.e. soap, lotion, facial moisturizer, and conditioner). My skin requires a lot of moisture and prefers creamy products. At the beginning of the year I had tonsillitis and was prescribed an antibiotic to help bring me back to health. Eight days into me taking the ten day supply of the antibiotic, my body had an allergic reaction to it. I broke out into an itchy rash that was bad enough to drive someone to insanity. The reaction left my skin dry and scaly. Since then I have tried several products to get my skin to feeling back to normal.

The Test

For the past few days I have used Dial’s Miracle Oil Body Wash instead of my usual moisturizing bar soap. The Miracle Oil Body Wash is infused with Marula oil. Wikipedia says Marula Oil is extracted from the kernels (nuts) of the Marula tree, from the Anacardiaceae family. Marula oil is traditionally used in cosmetics, in food as a cooking oil and as a meat preservative and to treat leather. It contains a large proportion of monounsaturated fatty acids and natural antioxidants which make the oil very stable. The first thing I do when I open a bottle of body wash is gently squeeze it so I can get a whiff of the scent. The scent of this body wash was not overbearing. In fact, it was mild and slightly tropical scent. At first smell, I would say that the body was has a more feminine fragrance, however, over time, it proved to be a family body wash. My husband also decided to try it and has not taken a shower without it. You have to understand, my husband is a man’s man. Convincing him to try ANY body or skin care product is as easy as convincing my two year old to eat brussel sprouts and peas. So, when he asked me if he could try the new body wash, I quickly answered “Sure!”. He even claims that his skin has softened, which means using this body wash is a win!


The Results

The test for new bath and shower products is, how will my skin feel once dried off and the air hits. I know the product is not for me when my skin immediately tightens with dryness or my towel feels like sandpaper against my skin. The Miracle Oil Body Wash did not leave my skin feeling dry. It went on smoothly like any other body wash and lathering beautifully. For that reason, I only needed a small amount of body wash for my entire shower time. Once out of the shower, it left my skin feeling clean, feeling healthy and moisturized. I did not feel rushed to grab my lotion, although I HAD to apply lotion. My skin is just that dry; I cannot go a day without it. My bathroom smelled like an island. An island that I need to visit very soon for a vacation. That’s another blog post; I digress.


Learn more about the Dial Miracle Oil Body Wash on the Official Site and on Facebook.

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Dial Miracle Oil Body Wash Review and Giveaway


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  • Riley Madison

    This is great! Hope I win!

  • Michelle Faile

    Love body wash! Hope I win!

  • LaShanna King

    I love body wash n i love dial esp since i work in healthcare an their soap is anti bacterial

  • Ashley Bree Perez

    I love body wash!! 😀

  • Lauren

    I like to use body wash.

  • Wendy Fleming

    I am usually a bar soap girl but I would love to try this body wash!! I often have an issue with dryness as well and want to see if this coupled with my grapeseed oil (I use this on my skin after bathing/showering) will help!