A Columbus Staycation: The Perfect Anniversary Getaway

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Columbus Staycation: The Perfect Anniversary Getaway | MommyWifeLife.com

This post is not sponsored by any of the mentioned establishments. All thoughts expressed are my own.

My husband and I recently celebrated five years of marriage. The past five years have been great. We have seen a lot of growth in our relationship since marrying in 2010 and I have no regrets. Every successful marriage goes through undesirable and unproductive moments, but we have been determined to remain aware of what marriages need and learning from marriage mistakes in order to have a thriving love and relationship. This year for our anniversary, my husband surprised me and took control of the planning. He deserves a lot of kudos because it was almost perfect!

We knew that we wanted to find a way to celebrate our anniversary in Columbus and wanted to experience the city in a new way. This Columbus staycation was a trip of firsts. Each establishment we visited and service we used was our very first time experiencing them. One of the great things about exploring Columbus is that most of the establishments are owned and operated by locals. What better way to spend a staycation than supporting local businesses!?

Our Columbus staycation started at…

Le Meridien Columbus, The Joseph

One of Columbus’ newest hotels, opening this past January. It is a modern luxury hotel full of modern decor, eclectic art and located in the most eclectic part of the city, The Short North arts district. Our room offered a great view of the busy streets and sidewalks of the Short North and from time to time, we could hear locals having fun in the streets.




I had only one disappointment. I thought I would surprise my husband with a couple’s massage at the hotel but after calling the night prior to our stay I learned the hotel’s spa was not yet open and available to guests. They did, however, provide us with a couple suggestions of local spas and paired the pack of information with their delicious macaroons upon arrival. The service provided was phenomenal and made us feel like a million (and one) bucks.



Once you park your car in downtown Columbus, there is no need for it until you are ready to go home. We opted to get around in…


Ever wanted to be chauffeured in style? The Uber car service allowed us to quickly get to our destinations and saved us a ton of headache. We ordered a car to pick us up from our hotel and take us to our dinner location. Less than five minutes after requesting a car through their mobile app, our car was outside of the hotel, a black Lincoln Town Car. The driver was nice and did not bore us with small talk. My husband and I were able to have a private conversation and were able to quickly get out of the car once we got to the restaurant. Uber requires a credit card prior to the car picking you up, which allows the driver to have guaranteed payment and for the customer to have a hassle-free ending to the ride.

Columbus Staycation: The Perfect Anniversary Getaway | MommyWifeLife.com

After a whopping five minutes in our Uber car, we arrived at…

89 Fish & Grill

This locally owned restaurant offered the perfect ambience and delectable food. We tried two appetizers, one being fried oyster sliders. Oysters were a first for us both, but we thought it was tasty. Almost anything fried is delicious, right? We loved our entrees and agreed we had not tasted anything that was unsatisfying. I could have kissed the chef with thanks for the amazing dessert, an apple stack cake. Unfortunately I have no pictures of any of our food because I was too excited and ready to eat. Chef John Beck peeked out of the kitchen a few times, which makes me believe he takes pride in his food and wants to see the reaction of people once they experience his creations.

After dinner we hopped back in an Uber car and headed…

Back to The Joseph

We walked around the hotel to admire the artwork from the collection of Ron and Ann Pizzuti, which can be found in every part of the hotel. We thought we were the only ones on the second floor until we realized Ron and Ann Pizzuti were also on the floor, showing who looked to be their friends around the building. Cool, right?

Columbus Staycation & Anniversary Getaway | MommyWifeLife.com


After a restful sleep on some AMAZING pillows at Le Meridien, we left the hotel only to go one door over to…

The Guild House

We felt like we were in another city. Got a sneak peek of the food because we ordered room service at the hotel during the wee hours of the night. Gorgeous decor. Our server emphasized that everything we looked at while visiting the restaurant was home grown, from the food to the wooden beams in the ceiling. Someone I follow on Instagram posted a picture of the Guild House’s donuts, which is why one of the first things I asked for was a donut. I am a pretty simple gal, so I ordered the glaze donut, which was more than delicious! I contemplated taking a few home, but once I was done with my meal, my stomach was  I could not stand to look at another item of food. But oh, will I be back for them! My husband and I left little to no food on our plates. The brunch was extremely satisfying.

Columbus Staycation: The Perfect Anniversary Getaway | MommyWifeLife.com

I enjoyed supporting local establishments in downtown Columbus. Our Columbus staycation was by far one of the most relaxing and enjoyable moments with my husband and made being with him and celebrating our wedding anniversary that more special.

Have you ever opted for a staycation in your city? If so, were you happy with your decision?

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  • Jill Tidwell

    Thanks for sharing and offering some suggestions around Columbus! Sounds like you had a great time! Happy Anniversary!

  • mommywifelife1

    Thank you and you’re welcome! Columbus is greater than some think! We definitely enjoyed our time together!

  • I have some friends who just moved to Colombus for Atlanta. I’m sure they will be interested to hear about the trendy spots you visited.

  • mommywifelife1

    Sweet! Columbus is a great city to live in. Please share the spots with them! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  • Rebecca

    I’m from Indiana and have visited Columbus.Love the hotel and the places you went to dine. Sometimes it is fun to visit all the places around where you live because we usually don’t take time to do these things. Thanks for allowing us to go on your Staycation with you !!!!

  • mommywifelife1

    Sorry for my delayed response! I’m from Indiana as well! Hello Hoosier. Yes, often times we take for granted the things that are in our own backyard. Thanks for visiting!