coLAB #FamilyTimeNow Project Recap + Winner Announcement

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#FamilyTimeNow coLAB Project

The coLAB Project

I teamed up with Melanie from ¿Que Means What? to create a fun new project through coLAB. coLAB is a collaborative project between three blogger communities: Latina Bloggers Connect, Alt Summit and Be Blogalicious. Bloggers paired up to create projects with a member of  one of the groups mentioned above. These projects allowed participants to make new and lasting connections while discovering ways to grow their blog or blogger skills. I represented the Blogalicious community and Melanie, the Latino Bloggers Connect community.

I enjoyed working with Melanie and learned that my new Texan blogger friend and I have many things in common, like homeschooling our children! We are both moms who want the best for our kids and want to have fun while navigating through parenthood.

Purpose of Project

Together, Melanie and I have created the #FamilyTimeNow Project to promote quality family time. Families often become so busy with daily routines and the hustle and bustle, that they forget to stop and dedicate quality time together. In our first post about the project, we asked our readers to share pictures and videos that showed how they spend time with their family. Participants tagged their Instagram posts with #FamilyTimeNow and shared their links with Melanie and I on our blogs.

The winner of the #FamilyTimeNow Project $50 Visa Gift card is Mandy!

We asked Mandy seven questions to help us get to know her and her family:

1. Tell us about your family (i.e. children, spouse, pets). We are a family of 7 which includes myself, my hubby, a set of 21 yo. Daughters, an 8 yo. Daughter, a 7 yo. Son, and a 2 yo doggie. 2. What is your #1 tip to other families on spending time together? #1 Tip is to just MAKE spending family time happen and just have. 3. What is your favorite FREE family activity? Family Game night (everything from charades to monopoly) 4. What is your favorite weekday family activity? Reading together, or just being silly and laughing at ourselves. 5. What is your favorite weekend family activity? Finding different off the wall things to do around the city. Usually geeky stuff like attending Star Wars meetings, going to Comic Cons. Or whatever sports are going on with the kiddos. 6. Do you have a favorite meal to eat as a family? Spaghetti (especially mine because it’s the hubby’s specialty which means I don’t have to cook) 7. Share your favorite family vacation memory. During one visit to CO, we stopped at The Wolf Conservatory, it was amazing to see the beautiful wolves. My older daughters got to do the interactive tour and sit with the wolves. We got to listen to them howl. It was an amazing experience!


Project Participants

We had a lot of fun looking at the pictures and videos that were submitted. Take a look at some of the entries:



Continue spending time with your family–stay connected!


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