What to Take to Your Next Blogger Conference

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Things to Take to Your Next Blogger Conference

Although I have been writing off and on since 2013 on MommyWifeLife.com, I still consider myself a blogging newbie. Since 2014 I have had my eye on conferences that I could attend to help me to grow my skills and knowledge as a blogger. This year, I am attending two conferences that were on my list and I am so excited! I have heard from the pro conference goers of what to expect and to prepare, I have put together a list of things every blogger should take to a blogger conference.

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A List

Make a list of people you want to meet, other bloggers and entrepreneurs that inspire you or whom you would like to collaboration with on a cool project. Most people attend conference with hopes to connect, so you will be welcomed with open arms.

Business Cards

Things to Take to Your Next Blogger Conference

After you chat it up with your all-star list of people to meet you will want to give them something to remember you and your contact info. So of course, you will need to pack plenty of business cards. I use Moo for printing my business cards. They offer premium paper stock and quick delivery. Each time I hand out these bad boys people immediately say how nice they are.


Bloggers like to write about things that excite them and blogger conferences are sure to inspire. Be sure to pack your laptop or tablet so you can quickly write the posts and ideas that will instantly flood your brain. Using social media and your blog during a blogger conference is also a great way to stay connected to your readers!


Things to Take to Your Next Blogger Conference

For most photos I add to the blog, I use my  Nikon D5300 . It is great for shoots, however I would rather not pack it up to take on a flight or to a conference. In order to quickly capture moments (without using a lousy camera phone) at the conference and share them on social media, a point and shoot camera with WiFi capabilities is ideal. I recently purchased a Samsung point and shoot for this reason.

Selfie Stick

If you just have to snap some pics with your cell phone (I know I will), then be sure to grab your Selfie Stick so you can fit all your old and new blogger friends in those group selfies! If you have yet to purchase one, remember there are both bluetooth and wired selfie sticks. Be sure to choose the one that fits best with your smartphone.

Portable Charger

Keep all your devices charged up and ready to go with a portable charger. You won’t always have access to an outlet (on your flight, during workshops, while you are dining out) and we all know how scarce hotel outlets can be. Having a portable charger will keep your devices working, allowing you to enjoy the conference and ready to snap pics and shoot an email or text at any moment.


Things to Take to Your Next Blogger Conference

Where are you going to keep all these items? At conferences you are moving from one workshop to another and will need to have all of your belongings in one place.  I am a fan of huge and stylish bags and love this one I recently grabbed to take with me to this year’s conferences.

Comfy Shoes

Being fashionable at a blogger conference is great, however, being comfortable should be number one on your list. Conferences are often held at large hotels and convention centers, which means you will have to do some walking around. Wearing comfy shoes is a must. When your feet hurt, it is SUPER difficult to pay attention to anything but the pain of your feet. Be stylish, but shoot for comfort!


What blogger conference have you, or are you, attending this year?

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