A New Fall Favorite: Apple Picking

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This past Saturday, my family and I visited Lynd Fruit Farm in Pataskala, OH, just outside of Columbus. Let me just say, upon arrival I realized I was  hugely deprived as a child, as this was my very first time visiting a farm like this. The farm is located in a largely rural area and surrounded by beautiful country road and crops of all kinds, including over 150,000 harvested bushels of apples, which is the majority of the farm. I wonder how many pies you could make with those apples? 🙂

There are a few components that make up the farm: the market, the u-pick areas, and the corn maze. Lynd’s Fruit Market was the first stop we made. The market includes a large variety of produce. Homemade applesauce and fruit desserts, fresh cider, fall decór, and mums are only a few of the offered items. Many of the items available for purchase  are from the farm itself, others come from additional local farms, including local Amish communities. I wanted to look at EVERY square inch of the market (and spend some money), but my dear and sweet husband was anxious to get to the apple picking. I was able to purchase a pumpkin to add to my porch and snap a cute picture with my little pumpkin.


From the Fruit Market we drove over to the U-Pick areas, which allow you to pick apples or pumpkins right off the trees and out of the patch. Saturday there were four types of apples to choose from: suncrisp, melrose, golden delicious, and red delicious. Several other types of apples are offered at different times throughout the fall season. We chose to pick from the golden and red delicious trees. Once out of the car we got in touch with our inner Johnny Appleseed and walked through the many rows of bushels. We allowed our oldest to do all the picking. She was so thrilled to be given such a task. She repeatedly recited the phrase, “More apples! More apples!”. The orchard was so serene and plentiful with rows of bushes that it seemed as though we were in the middle of the field by ourselves with free reign over the apples! Don’t worry, we did not take all the apples, although I believe my husband was tempted. He enjoyed “tasting” the apples and making sure they were the kind of apples that we would like. 🙂 We limited ourselves to one 10 lb. bag. The farm gives you the option of a 10 lb. bag or a 20 lb. bag. I couldn’t quite think of exactly what to do with 20 lbs. of apples, so the twelve dollar, 10 lb. bag was our best option.


Find your local apple orchard! If you have never visited an apple orchard you should add it to your bucket list. It is an inexpensive and great way to spend some quality time with your family or friends and an awesome way to connect with nature! Besides my husband having to swat a few bees away from us, our outing beautiful and was something new and fun. Picking apples during the fall will definitely be a new tradition for the Watters Family.


What is your favorite fall activity?

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  • Sarah

    Teri! Loved reading this! We are planning a trip to that SAME Orchard with my younger sisters and some of my husbands younger cousins in a couple weeks! This blog made me soo much more excited to go! Great pics! Love your family 🙂

  • Thanks Sarah! Please tell me how you like the orchard! I’m STILL trying to figure out what to do with all these apples!!