7 Ways to Spend Time With Your Family + Win $50 #FamilyTimeNow Project

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7 Ways to Spend Time With Your Family | #FamilyTimeNow Project

Summer winds down and families begin to get back to the routines that keep them busy for most of the year–school, extracurricular activities, work with little to no vacation time left, etc. This is when families begin to see less of one another and quality time almost does not exist. However, even when schedules get crazy it is extremely beneficial for families to stay connected.

I read an article in the Washington Post that discussed a recent study of the affects of the amount of time parents spend with their children versus parents spending quality time with their children. According to the study, it doesn’t matter how much time parents of children age 3-11 spend with them, it does not affect the child’s outcome, but rather quality time. I can both agree and disagree with their findings, however, today, I am encouraging you to spend quality time with your children.

Be Intentional

When you don’t have a lot of time to set aside for connecting with your children, be sure to make time. Put forth an effort to create special moments and use every second of your time together doing something worthwhile.

You Are Your Child’s #1 Influencer

Neglecting to spend time with your family/child lessens the amount of influence you have over them. What type of people do you want your family to be? You can easily encourage the behaviors that you desire your family to exhibit if you are getting to know them and where they are through spending time together.

Don’t Forget to Enjoy Life!

Remember why you started a family to begin with; Why are you with your mate and and/or why did you have children? We were blessed with our families so we could enjoy life even more! Even after the roughest day, you should be able to take joy in knowing that you were designed specifically for your family, and them for you.

7 Ways to Spend Time With Your Family | #FamilyTimeNow Project

7 Ways to Spend Time With Your Family

  1. Cook a meal together
  2. Spend dinner time together–sitting at the table and catching up on life
  3. Create an art piece together and display it in your home. Get crafty and use things around the house!
  4. Worship together.–at home or at your local assembly.
  5. Make the kids’ bedtime a special time–prepare a bath, read a book, recap the day, and pray
  6. Find FREE local attractions or make your backyard an attraction
  7. Learn something new as a family–a hobby, a game or a language

The coLAB Project

I have teamed up with Melanie from ¿Que Means What? to create a fun new project through coLAB. Melanie Mendez-Gonzales is an online media entrepreneur and the creator of ¿Qué Means What? – a leading Latina lifestyle blog. ¿Qué Means What? began as a platform for Melanie to share about the re-discovery of her Mexican-American heritage. Today, it has grown into an online community for news in entertainment, resources for STEM education and candid stories about family life in her beloved state of Texas. Melanie Mendez-Gonzalez of Que Means What

coLAB is a collaborative project between three blogger communities: Latina Bloggers Connect, Alt Summit and Blogalicious. Bloggers have been paired up to create projects with a member of  one of the groups mentioned above. These projects will allow participants to make new and lasting connections while discovering ways to grow their blog or blogger skills. I am representing the Blogalicious community and Melanie, the Latino Bloggers Connect community.

Purpose of Project

Together, Melanie and I have created the #FamilyTimeNow Project to promote quality family time. Families often become so busy with daily routines and the hustle and bustle, that they forget to stop and dedicate quality time together.

#FamilyTimeNow $50 VISA Gift Card Giveaway7 Ways to Spend Time With Your Family | #FamilyTimeNow Project

Because we want to see your photos and we hope this project encourages more family time, we are giving away a $50 VISA Gift Card! We want to see your photos of how you spend time with your family and want you to be a part of the #FamilyTimeNow Project! Joining is simple!

  • Post a photo or video of how you spend time with your family using the hashtag #FamilyTimeNow on Instagram.
  • Leave the link to your Instagram post in the Rafflecopter gadget below.
  • The giveaway will end on at 11:59 p.m. CST on August 24th. The winner will be notified via email and will have 24 hours to respond.

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  1. Hi Liz! Thanks for stopping by! Limiting screen time (for us parents) absolutely has to happen. I am guilty of spending too much time on social media.

  2. I think family time is so very very important. This is why we make a point to eat dinner together and spend some time doing activities together as often as we can, which (thankfully right now) is nearly every day! 🙂

  3. Good for you, LB Present! It’s easy to get too busy for family, but we just can’t let that happen. The years go by SO quickly, so it’s best we take advantage of the time we have with our loved ones.

  4. I’m all about family time! I’m thoroughly enjoying all the pointers for extra ways to spend time with family.