52 Things I Learned About God from My Kids Review + Giveaway

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52 Things I Learned About God From My Kids Review | MommyWifeLife

At the end of each day, we can reflect on what we accomplished or failed to complete, our best moments and our worst. We can also reflect on our day by thinking of moments when we learned a lesson, particularly a life lesson. If you indeed did experience something that made you have an “aha!” moment, you then have the task of accepting that lesson and learning from it. Sometimes it is our children who surprise us and become a voice of reason, causing us to think.

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Are You Listening?

“Stop, stand still and listen to your children,” are powerful words written by the author’s mother in the foreword of 52 Things I Learned About God from my Kids. Kizmin Millben Jones gives us a glimpse into her world as a mother, being transparent and honest in 52 Things I Learned About God from My Kids. Through Kizmin’s everyday parenthood occurrences, she offers a weekly devotional that includes scriptural and practical encouragement.

There is a scripture to direct us in every situation and one that pertains to everything we face in life. Each of the 52 devotionals includes a different scripture and topic that reminds parents that you are not alone in what you experience. Parents everywhere have days where they appear to know what they are doing. Other days, parents feel like they have no control. I have these moments daily.

Out of the Mouths of Babes

I remember a day when my patience was very thin and my daughters were not doing their best to be obedient. I was in our kitchen preparing lunch. My girls wanted to bring their toys into the room and I repeatedly asked and told them “No” and to take the toys back into the living room. After several minutes of being ignored I screamed at the top of my lungs, “Get those toys out of here!”. My daughters immediately got upset and the oldest confidently said, “I hear God saying, ‘Be nice'”. “Seriously?”, I thought. For a few seconds I was speechless. Had God really spoke through my daughter to me, telling me to “Be nice”? The only thing I could think to do is send my daughter to her room. Once she left, I nodded my head “yes” to God and said “You’re right”. What a humbling experience that was. During the 12th devotion of 52 Things, the author shares the story of a similar situation. She warned her daughter that if she behaved in a certain way again, her daughter would have to deal with the consequences. Well, her daughter failed to heed her advice and just as she was about to receive her punishment she proclaimed, “Mom, even though you are going to punish me, I still have the victory!” Children remind us that they do listen, although we think we have been ignored. They watch what we are doing. They are listening when we are praying and teaching them the promises of God. And that yes, God can speak through children.

What I love about 52 Things I Learned About God from my Kids is the author shares about the personal struggles of her and her children, yet chooses not to condemn her children, but rather lift them up. She chooses to learn from every situation they experience and offers to help them with their issues and loves on them. Is that not what God does for us?

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  • Michelle Faile

    Yes, my daughter is always saying be nice, haha! Something I shoudl do more.

  • mommywifelife1

    Us moms just have rough days sometime. 🙂 Praying for better days though!

  • Jenny

    I learn things from my kids all the time! I love their curiosity about life and their perspective when they ask questions. Like today we were discussing why God would make something like hail (we had a big storm last night with hail). I always learn as I try to explain things to the kids.

  • mommywifelife1

    They have such beautiful and innocent minds. Makes parenting that much more interesting and fulfilling. Thanks for stopping by, Jenny.

  • God really does use His children to teach us and remind us of child-like faith. My children teach me things ALL THE TIME! Thanks for sharing this book and great post!