5 Tips to Survive Marriage | The First Year and Beyond

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5 Tips to Survive the First Year of Marriage

You are newly married and things are seemingly perfect. Suddenly, your spouse’s true colors begin to shine and refraining from gripping your tongue gets difficult to do. How can you make sure you will successfully and happily get through your first year of marriage? Here are five marriage tips to help you survive the first year and beyond.

Keep Your Family Out!

Who is the first person you run to talk to when you and your spouse have an argument or disagreement? Choosing to disclose information about your latest marital spat with anyone but your spouse is dangerous. Your family and friends should not know about everything you and your spouse discuss. Including them in disagreements can lead to them having a false perception of your spouse and causing them to find it difficult to separate your spouse from the one (or two) incidents you share with them. Keep your business between you and your mate.

You’re Still Mad?

Playing the game of “Who will speak first?” is not one that married folks should enjoy. Although you may not see eye to eye even after talking to your spouse about an issue, still choose to respectfully discuss what is causing the rift. Doing so will allow you to wake up with more peace than if you had not hashed it out.

Don’t be funny with your money.

If you like saving your money and finding ways to create wealth, but your spouse ONLY enjoys trips to the mall, then the two of you will have to chat. Come to an agreement about spending limits and financial goals early in your marriage (if not before). Money issues can cause a relationship to quickly deteriorate. Have the talk!

It’s not ALL about you.

Where has selfishness ever gotten anyone? You and your spouse were brought together to serve one another; not only sexually, but emotionally too. Make it a point to check in, making sure both your needs and your spouse’s needs are being met. Everyday won’t be perfect, however checking in will give you a better chance of staying on the same page.

Keep Christ at the Center

What do you think brought you and your spouse together? It is easy to get beside yourself during the first year of marriage, forgetting that Christ is the reason you were united in the first place. Include him in every decision and milestone of your life, especially with your mate.

Married folks, did I miss anything? Feel free to share your words of advice in the comments below.

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