3 Lies About Homeschooling

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3 Lies About Homeschooling | MommyWifeLife.com

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For some, making the decision to homeschool is an extremely tough decision. Some make the choice to educate their children at home without wavering. They fly out the gate with vigor and zeal. Some of the parents I have met that aren’t quite sure about what educational experience is best for their children and family often teeter totter because of three lies about homeschooling.

Before being positive about homeschooling our children, I had tons of thoughts about how long we would homeschool, what curriculum we would use, and what our children would be and act like after their homeschooling experience. There is a lot to consider when taking on such responsibility, however if you’re on the fence about which direction you and your family will go, don’t let these lies be your reason for not choosing the homeschooling route:

My kids won’t be socialized.

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone mentioned homeschooling and socialization (and so does every other homeschooler). Socializing homeschooled children has everything to do with the parents effort and a child’s personality. There are plenty of “weird” students in the public and private schools in the world. These kids are in classes with 15+ kids every day and still don’t know how to interact with people. Trust me, socialization can easily be tackled by getting involved in your community and finding other homeschooling families and co-ops to have field trips and learning time together. The homeschooling community is bigger than you think.

I don’t have the patience to teach.

There certainly are days as a parent that I feel I’m operating out of my last bit of sanity and simply want to run away. On those days, I usually find a way to take some kind of break, whether retreating to my bedroom or a shopping center. Some days are simply tough. Even as beginner homeschoolers, we have had days where learning time simply had to end in order for both the kids and I to not lose our sweet minds. And you know what? That’s ok and healthy. Every day won’t be smooth sailing and will require you to pray a prayer of grace to make it through. However, don’t sike yourself out and be made to believe you aren’t equipped to learn your child and discover how they learn best. Closely observe what their learning needs are and adjust your teaching to their needs so at the end of the day, everyone is happy and sane.

I’m inadequate to teach past the fundamentals.

I get that the idea of homeschooling sounds intimidating and that it comes with pressure to see your children succeed, however, it’s easy for parents to put added pressure on themselves in regard to performing. If you completed elementary, middle and high school, then your are completely adequate to educate your child. Did you face challenges as a student? Like most people in the world, I am sure there was a subject that you didn’t care for nor did you easily excel. That does not discount your ability to be your child’s teacher. What’s great about homeschooling is the great sense of community that can be formed with other homeschooled families. In your weak areas, another parent is strong. Getting their help with subjects or even agreeing to teaching their children a subject while they teach your children the subject that you’re not the best in is ideal and very doable. You were created to parent your child and no one can do it better than you. Their education is no different. You want the best for them and will be the most passionate about the education your child receives.


At the end of the day you must do what is best for you and your family. Be comfortable and confident in your decision concerning your child’s educational future, but don’t chicken out of any decision due to lies you’ve allowed yourself to believe. God has equipped you to be great at whatever you decide to do. His grace is sufficient and you are more than able to rock this education thing.




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  • Lexi Suba

    I like that you tackled these common concerns about homeschooling. I especially agree with the socialization thing. Since being a stay-at-home mom, I’ve realized that my kid can get as much play time with other kiddos as he needs just by going to a neighborhood kids club or the playground…great post!

  • mommywifelife1

    Thanks for stopping by! Yes, we have many play dates, which allow the kiddos to interact with other kids and me to have adult conversation. Win-Win!