10 Parenting Questions I Ask Everyday

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10 Parenting Questions I Ask Everyday | MommyWifeLife

I enjoy being a mother. Having the opportunity to stay at home with my children is a true blessing. I am also human so I make mistakes, get frustrated and feel a bit looney from time to time. If you’re a parent who doesn’t experience some of the things I just mentioned, then this post is not for you. I have to be honest and let you in on what goes through my mind every single day.

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10 Parenting Questions I Ask Everyday

Is cleanliness really next to godliness?

I used to be extra particular about how my home looked and I still am, to a degree. You see, cleaning with three kids is a never-ending thing. Like, I could clean every second of the day (and I often feel like I do) and there will still be a mess somewhere. LEGOs, stickers and Barbie shoes and accessories are my enemies. I have slowly accepted the fact that my house may never be spotless again and I’m embracing this new way of living.

Did I eat today?

I promise I am not purposely starving myself. I honestly forget to feed myself. If I keep it up, I’ll never have to start a Weight Watchers program. 

Where did the day go?

I wake up, feed the kids (and forget to feed myself), clean the kids, educate the kids and then the evening comes. Um, how is it 5:00pm and I have yet to shower? Yikes!

What was I saying again? 

Growing up, I knew a kid who would sing a song that said, “My mind, my mind. My mind is gone.” Well, I don’t think that kid had a clue what he was singing, but I have sadly discovered the meaning of that awful, awful song.

What did I come in here for?

“My mind, my mind. My mind is gone.” (see the last question)

Should I eat, nap or shower?

The limited amount of time I get to myself almost always leaves me questioning how best I should use that time. What has life become? I’m now deciding if sleeping or eating is more important. No one warned me about this.

Should I have opted for the minivan?

I never wanted any parts of being an owner of a minivan. When it came time for us to purchase a larger vehicle for our growing family, we opted for one the largest SUVs out there (and I love it). However, some days my kids don’t jump into the truck fast enough. As I wait minutes for them to get in and settled, I daydream of those double sliding doors that most moms I know have.

Will the kids survive if I hide in the bathroom for 20 more minutes?

As kids, my siblings and I jokingly called the bathroom our mother’s “office”. We never understood why she would stay in there for so long (sometimes she would fall asleep in there). Oh goodness, today, and everyday, I know exactly why she turned that tiny space into an oasis. Can moms have any privacy and alone time?

Why do we have so many clothes?

Laundry stinks (no pun intended). I am a pro at washing and drying. Folding and putting away? Not so much. I can’t wait for the day I’m able to hand over this chore to the kids. I just know life will then be a breeze.

How did my mom do this?

My mom had four daughters and I have three. Looking in retrospect, my mom never appeared to bust a sweat while raising us. How in the world did she keep her calm and manage to successfully work, keep her house in order and raise us? I talk to her almost daily and honestly, she’s part of the reason I haven’t jumped off the deep end. Her prayers carry me throughout the day.

Bonus: Are these really my kids?

Yes. Yes, they are. I cannot believe I am a mother to three children. They have turned my world upside down, have helped me see the world in another light and keep me feeling young and old all at the same time. As crazy as life can be at times, I wouldn’t trade their little selves for anything in the universe.

What questions do you ask yourself each day?

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