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The Struggle: Choosing an SUV Versus a Minivan

The Struggle: Choosing a SUV Versus a Minivan | MommyWifeLife

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When we found out our third child was on the way, we knew we needed to shop for a larger vehicle. We desperately needed the third row option, and my Dodge Nitro did not have that. Many families we know have minivans and raved about them when we asked them why a minivan. Some of their answers tempted me to lean towards wanting a minivan, like the sliding doors that allowed the kids to jump right in with ease. Deep down inside, my pride said “Nah, get the SUV you’ve always wanted”. So, after months of looking, we finally found our new family car, a GMC Yukon.

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Why do so many families struggle to make a decision between a SUV versus a minivan? Recently, I have seen several people make a public poll on Facebook, asking whether they should spend a little more for an SUV or (in most cases) make a more economic decision by going for the minivan. It really is a big deal in a parent’s life, or so we think.

What is the best way to decide which car will best work for your family?

Personally, I wanted something that could fit all three children comfortably, but still allow me to not feel like I was driving a “mom mobile”. I get that a minivan is sometimes more functional than a large SUV, but I JUST. DID. NOT. WANT. ONE. So I didn’t, and a year later, we are still enjoying our massive ride.

SUV VS. Minivan: Which one should you choose? has a cool feature where you can research and compare multiple cars. Since the site has a massive database of new and used cars for sale nationwide, shoppers can use this to get information on any make, model and year of a car, including consumer reviews. If you really want to know which SUV or minivan will best fit your family’s needs, is a great place to begin your search.

So whether you want a car that makes you forget you have kids or you want a 15-passenger van to chauffeur the kids around, you can save valuable time by first researching, and possibly purchasing your next car by consulting  Whichever car you choose, be sure to use it to make some great family memories!

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