Make Moves Without Mom Guilt

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Make Moves Without Mom Guilt | MommyWifeLife

I come across many women, especially moms, who share their aspirations and goals with me. I would say about 90% of these conversations include a “but”, which leads to the many excuses as to why they are not pursuing those aspirations or confessions that wreak of mom guilt.

For some, a simple life of parenting and/or marriage is all they desire, and there is nothing wrong with that. If you can honestly say you are happy with where you currently are, then don’t change a thing. However, if in the back of your mind you periodically think about what could have been or what should be, then quite possibly, there is something greater for you to do outside your family duties. What is your purpose?

Mom, it is time for your to stop using your children as an excuse. You have every capability to be a strong, very present mother without having to forfeit your dreams. You must first be confident that you can reach your goal(s), then, the most important key, begin speaking about your aspirations, along with everything you need to reach them, as though they are already your reality. Life and death lies in the power of your own tongue and God hears everything you request, so let them be known. If you say you always struggle, you will struggle. If you think nothing ever goes your way, so it will be. The day you take control of your thoughts and words and choose only positivity, the day you will find yourself closer to making moves.

Make Moves Without Mom Guilt |

Some Realities of Making Moves With Children

Well of course, doing anything with children makes things a little more–let’s say–interesting. So organization and planning will be your best move in order to get things in motion. Sure, you will have days where your children are seemingly your worst enemy when it comes getting work done, but keep your eyes fixed on what you set out to do.

Tips to Make Moves (Without Mom Guilt)

Your children were given to you to help you thrive. I know, many believe life stops when you become a parent, however, having children should only motivate you to be the best you and to better strive to do what you have been called to do. Do not allow fear to takeover your mind and keep you from living the life you desire!

  • Name your goal(s).
  • List smaller goals that fit under the bigger goal so reaching your main goal(s) doesn’t seem so far away.
  • Consider the resources you currently have to reach your goal(s), (i.e. education, finances, experience, etc.).
  • Make an effort to meet people you need to connect with to learn more about your goal(s). Find a mentor/advisor.
  • Think about whom you need to disconnect from your inner circle to avoid distractions, (i.e. friends, family, romantic relationships, etc.).
  • Decide when you want to accomplish your goal(s).
  • Find phrases, scriptures, and/or quotes that will motivate you to continue thriving.
  • Decide how will you celebrate once you accomplish your goal, because you will accomplish it.

Let’s all make moves, together, and leave fear and mom guilt alone!

Do you agree? Can moms live their dreams?

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