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Let God’s Big WORLD Teach Your Children About Their World

Let God's Big WORLD Teach Children About Their World

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As a parent and homeschooler, I want to make sure my children receive a well-rounded education that includes an array of topics. I have no problem admitting that I don’t know it all and that I look for great resources such as books, professionals, videos and some media to help educate my kiddos.

Supplemental materials are essential and discovering God’s Big WORLD, one of three publications from WORLD News Group, offered a breath of fresh air to our usual lettersnumbers, and phonics learning routine. God’s Big WORLD is a magazine that offers a glimpse into God’s creation for children in grades pre-kindergarten-1st. Issues are full of colorful pictures and photography sparking, children’s interest about subjects that probably would not cross the average parent/teacher’s mind, but provide valuable bits of knowledge.

Our first look at the God’s Big WORLD magazine included:

  • Learning about trees and how to tell their age
  • Reading and reciting a scripture related to trees
  • Taking a closer look at cicadas, which led to us looking up videos to hear their sounds
  • Discussing what instruments have strings
  • Taking a look at the world map and identifying continents
  • Completing a worksheet to work on sequences

God's Big WORLD Magazine is great for supplemental learning. | MommyWifeLife

God's Big WORLD Magazine is great for supplemental learning. | MommyWifeLife

My preschool age daughters were totally engaged by all the cool topics and ready to continue with lesson number two. Thankfully, God’s Big WORLD has a website and app that allows learning to continue, even when mom or dad aren’t instructing so the girls had a chance to watch a few videos on the website.

God's Big WORLD Magazine is great for supplemental learning. | MommyWifeLife

What I Love About The Magazines

  • Pictures of real people, objects and places are on every page
  • Current world events and culture are shared
  • Children can learn fun facts about the world around them
  • The magazine is organized by lesson, which allows parents and children to have a structured experience (if they desire) while exploring the issue
  • Scripture and inspiration is woven throughout the publications without a cheesy presentation
  • Several teaching subjects (i.e. math, reading, geography, etc) are included in each issue
  • An easy and great way to share God’s creation and word with your family

WORLD News Group also publishes WORLDkids (suggested for children in grades 2nd-5th) and WORLDteen (suggested for children in grades 6th-9th). Each magazine offers age-appropriate content, as well as interactive websites that include additional content and learning through videos and quizzes. They also have apps that are free to download on mobile devices.

Let God's Big WORLD Teach Children About Their World

You can learn more about all WORLD News Group publications, how to subscribe to the magazine that best fits your child’s age, including God’s Big WORLD here.

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