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Jaden Toussaint The Greatest | Book Review

Jaden Toussaint The Greatest | MommyWifeLife Book Review

I received complimentary copies for review purposes. All thoughts are my own.

Finally, there is a book series that is celebrating the brilliance, strength and creativity of boys–black boys. Jaden Toussaint The Greatest book series is inspiring and shows a positive image of a black boy and family and I love it!

Jaden Toussaint The Greatest | MommyWifeLife Book Review

With three daughters, I see a lot of pink and read plenty of books about princesses, ballerinas, and hair (I enjoy it all) but discovering the Jaden Toussaint series, authored by Marti Dumas, provided my young readers and I a chance to read something different. Typically my daughters are all about girl power and only wanting to hear songs sang by females (I guess that’s what 5 and 6 year olds do), but they were extremely receptive to learning what these books were all about. In fact, one day during our homeschool lesson I set aside time for reading. Right before it was time to move on from reading to our math lesson, my oldest asked me, “Mommy, can I please keep going and read chapter four?”. There was no way I could deny her request to read; this was a proud mommy moment!

I used this quick video to introduce the series to my daughters:

In each book in the series is a new episode where Jaden, a five year old scientist, debater and ninja dancer with an afro, goes on a new adventure using his superpowers for good. We were able to read episodes #1 (The Quest for Screen Time) and #3 (Muffin Wars), where his superpowers were used to convince his parents for more screen time (what every kid wants to do) and to out-smart and out-shine his equally brilliant and impressive cousin, Muffin.

Jaden Toussaint The Greatest is a great chapter book for young readers! | MommyWifeLife

These are the perfect chapter books for young readers, with only 50 to 60 pages, a relatable character, adventurous story lines and just the right amount of illustrations to continue captivating readers. I highly recommend this book series for kids ages 5 to 9. You can add the book to your library and check out all the episodes in the collection by visiting here.

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