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Dental Office Must-Have for Kids: Dental Reflections Dublin

My five and six year olds have always enjoyed caring for their teeth. When I told them we were visiting a new dental office they screamed with excitement. You see, we hadn’t been to the dentist in a (*muffles mouth*) couple years. Changes in health insurance and family size kept me from scheduling regular appointments. Thankfully, Dental Reflections Dublin, including Dr. Rudi As-Sanie, didn’t judge (me) us when we entered their doors.

With multiple children, including a toddler, I look for a few things: convenience, comfort and a kid-friendly staff. It’s hard for me to muster up the courage to take little ones to the grocery store. It takes even more courage to take them to a quiet office of any kind. Successful dental office visits with kids requires just a few things.

Dental Office Must-Have for Kids

Toys & Play Area

Dental Reflections Dublin spoke my kids’ language as soon as we entered the doors–LEGOs were on the table in the waiting room! There was an additional play area in the exam area where kids could read or draw to pass the time.

Open Exam Rooms

Not only do most kids want to know that mom or dad are near, but having one big open space for the children’s exams allow parents to be present with more than one child at once. Having more than one appointment at the same time is always my preferred office visit. At Dental Reflections I was able to conveniently keep an eye on and encourage both daughters during their cleanings.

No Pain

Getting sunglasses to block the hygienist’s light was the first step to making my girls feel comfortable. They instantly thought they looked cool, so of course, they felt cool. The hygienists connected with the girls by explaining every part of the exam.

This helped diminish any fear the girls may have had. Our oldest had a couple wiggly teeth and was apprehensive about them being cleaned. Thankfully, they were handled with care and the hygienist even demonstrated how my daughter could properly clean the loose teeth without them hurting.

More Toys, Prizes and New Brushes

Of course, it’s not a dentist appointment unless you get to pick new toys and toothbrushes. Receiving goody bags and choosing new toys was certainly one of the highlights of the visit. Brushing at home got a little sweeter with new “grown-up” like spinning toothbrushes.

A Family Dentist

I too had an exam, which followed my daughters’. Adult exams are given in a private area, separate from the pediatric side. The exam included x-rays, a thorough cleaning in a private area, digital pictures of my teeth taken with a pen-like camera (so cool), that were later displayed on a tv monitor as Dr. Rudi explained to me the good (and some bad) results. Dental Reflections provided, by far, the most comprehensive and pain-free dental visit I have had.

As an office, they showed genuine interest in my oral health and the level of comfort of my family. After being cared for by the hygienist and Dr. Rudi As-Sanie, we left feeling like we had just made new friends.

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