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    2015 Mom’s Guide To All Things Holiday: Multicultural Books For Young Avid Readers

    2015 Mom's Guide to All Things Holiday | Multicultural Books for Young Avid Readers

    According to the CCBC, in 2014 over 5,000 children’s books were published. Only 13% of those books were about people of color and of that 13%, only 17% were written by authors of color. These statistics say two things: 1. There’s a need for authors of color and 2. There’s a huge need for multicultural books. So when I discover a new multicultural children’s book or new authors of color I am eager to share it with my family and friends. This year I was introduced to a few new multicultural children’s authors, books and programs that are just as excited about providing children with literature that is both entertaining and a reflection of themselves.

    Multicultural Books By Multicultural Authors & Products to Add to Your Young Reader’s Holiday List

    Beautiful Beautiful Me by Ashley Sirah Hinton

    Every shade and ethnicity is represented in this multicultural book. Children are encouraged to be accepting of themselves and others, seeing all skin as beautiful. You can see the gorgeous illustrations inside the book here.

    Mom's Guide to All Things Holiday | MommyWifeLife


    Curiously Coiled by Fila Antwine

    Naturally curly hair is being embraced by more people and cultures than ever. If you have little curlies in your home, this book is great for helping them to appreciate and love their curls. It may even cause you to want curls too! Learn more about Curiously Coiled here.

    Mom's Guide to All Things Holiday | MommyWifeLife


    I Am Amazing/You Are Amazing by Ty Allan Jackson

    A little encouragement goes a long way, whether your an adult or child. Pictures of real children and words that empower youngsters can be found on every page of I Am Amazing/You Are Amazing. This work by Ty Allan Jackson is also two books in one! Click here for all the details.

    Mom's Guide to All Things Holiday | MommyWifeLife


    When I Close My Eyes by Ty Allan Jackson

    Great illustrations are key to grabbing the attention of young readers and When I Close My Eyes has them. If your kiddo enjoys using their imagination and is a big dreamer, they will love this picture book. Take a peek inside the book.

    Mom's Guide to All Things Holiday | MommyWifeLife


    Bee Me Bookshelf, Created by Nina Candia

    Mom's Guide to All Things Holiday | MommyWifeLife

    I discovered Bee Me Bookshelf on Instagram. They are on my list of black businesses to support which is why I’m including them in this gift guide. Bee Me Bookshelf is a monthly subscription where children receive age appropriate books. They currently offer subscription packages for two groups, ages 0-3 and ages 4-8. The mission of this company is simple. They are “.. committed to providing access to important books that reflect our diverse world, and a robust curriculum to help children think through and understand the words they are reading.” Visit their website to find out how you can subscribe.

    Mom's Guide to All Things Holiday | MommyWifeLife


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    Recap: Fun Family Night at the LEGO Creativity Tour in Columbus

    LEGO Creativity Tour Columbus Recap | MommyWifeLife

    I received admission to the LEGO Creativity Tour in exchange for my review through U.S. Family Guide.

    Over the weekend my family and I enjoyed some much needed time together outside the house at the LEGO Kid’s Fest at the Columbus Convention Center. This event is a part of the LEGO Creativity Tour that makes stops across the country, giving kids and their families a chance to create, build, and celebrate LEGOs®. Each session was three hours long, which was plenty of time to see the available stations in the exhibit hall; however, there was so much to do! There were many areas for kids to build a small set, show the event’s staff and receive free kits. (I did not expect to get freebies.)

    LEGO Creativity Tour Columbus Recap | MommyWifeLife

    My family especially enjoyed taking pics with the collection of statues made of LEGOs®. You could find everything from animals to princesses to superheroes taller than most adults. Other cool features of the event were the huge piles of LEGOs® for kids to build whatever they could imagine, a photo booth to capture the moment, plus a LEGO® Friends™ kit.

    LEGO Creativity Tour Columbus Recap | MommyWifeLife


    LEGO Creativity Tour Columbus Recap | MommyWifeLife

    The activities in the room were divided by age, sometimes gender, which helped to keep the smaller children from getting trampled by bigger (excited) kids. The LEGO® Creativity Tour is fun for all ages and is a great way to spend quality time together.

    LEGO Creativity Tour Columbus Recap | MommyWifeLife

    Have you ever attended a LEGO event? What’s your favorite LEGO set?

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    Why I Allow Name Calling in My Home

    Why I Allow Name Calling In My Home | MommyWifeLife

    My daughters are 14 months a part in age. They are partners in crime and are rarely found playing without one another. They are rambunctious, are often loud, and sometimes choose to listen to directions.  Most days they cry big tears, induced by not getting their way or due to a small injury that could have been avoided if only they had listened.

    I get headaches, burnout and often feel incredibly frustrated at the end of our days together. I mean, why is it so hard to follow directions? Although there are moments when I would rather lock myself in my bedroom and hide under my covers, I do my best to fairly discipline the girls when they choose to be disobedient. This includes calling them names–names that will make a difference in their behavior, such as:

    You are obedient.

    You are a big girl.

    You are a good listener.

    You are brave.

    You are smart kid.

    You are a good sister.

    These aren’t the names you expected me to say, are they? The reason I allow this type of name calling in my home is because although things seem chaotic and as though I don’t have control of my kids, I am speaking over and into my children’s lives.

    The behavior that my children exhibit don’t make them bad seeds. They are typical kids and my woes are typical woes of any parent.Want your children’s behavior to improve? Allow words to come from your mouth that describe the behavior (child) you want to see, who you know your child truly is and who they were created to be. Whether you want to believe in self-fulfilling prophecies or Proverbs 18:21, speaking positively into the atmosphere has been proven over and over to be effective. Each day, little by little, the behavior of my daughters gets better. As parents, we can make a choice to use damaging words and name calling or we can choose to speak life and positivity into our children’s minds and hearts, which will in turn encourage them to make better decisions and exhibit ideal behaviors.

    Why I Allow Name Calling In My Home | MommyWifeLife

    Our friend, Riley of Adventures of Riley Madison is also offering some affirmation through her new t-shirt line (pictured above), …I’m Smart, TooWe love the message the line sends which is why I’m sharing it with you.

    Often, people see children and the first thing they compliment them on are their looks. Children do need to hear this, but we hope that these shirts will also remind people to affirm that they are so much more than how they look.

    Children must be affirmed, through the words we speak, books they read, and even the clothes they wear. You can find more information about the new t-shirt line at www.adventuresofrileymadison.com.

    What names do you call your children?