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    How To Save Money and Time, The Easy Way

    This post is sponsored by CurrentC via Blog Meets Brand. All opinions are my own.

    Have you been running around town like a crazy person this season? I know I’m not the only one who has said “Yes” to attending too many holiday events. Although I usually enjoy the time I spend at these special events and the fab people that attend, exhaustion kicks in and I find myself wanting more time for myself and family.

    Since I usually overbook myself, I typically do holiday shopping (or any shopping besides for groceries) online. This year I have braved the crowds and have done some shopping at large retailers. Surprisingly, it has not been too bad. I haven’t had to endure long lines due to stores being short staffed or stores having a low inventory on the items I am looking for, which is a holiday shopper’s dream, right!?

    Saving Time

    Speaking of dreams, we have been in need of new bedding for a while now. My desire for more time for rest–good rest–led me to make a trip to Sears to find the perfect set of new sheets. I thought maybe if I get new bedding, the rest that I do get, will be more enjoyable and beneficial. We made it a family trip to the store, but when we arrived I realized both of our daughters had fallen asleep, which meant I needed to make my shopping trip as quick as possible. Luckily, I was able to easily find exactly what I wanted. Checking out was just as quick because prior to heading to the store I connected my checking account to the CurrentC app. Doing so allowed me to whip out my phone and easily scan a QR code to complete the transaction. Using the app had me back in my car with my husband and girls in just a few minutes.

    How to Save Money and Time, The Easy Way | MommyWifeLife

    Convenience at the Pump

    The best thing happened on our way home from the mall! We stopped at Exxon Mobil for a quick fill up and before ever exiting the car, we initiated payment via CurrentC. After getting the desired amount of gas the transaction was completed through the app all while sitting in the car. Talk about convenience! Stopping at a gas station during the winter months in Columbus can be daring. Cold winds bite every part of you the second you step out of the car. It’s not unbearable, but it sure is inconvenient to be outside of the warmth of the car longer than you have to be.

    How to Save Money and Time, The Easy Way | MommyWifeLife

    In a previous post I shared how to use CurrentC, which is a free mobile app that is a mobile wallet, currently in beta and available only in Columbus, Ohio. Users can use the in-app location finder to see what retailers near them accept payment through CurrentC. Folks outside of Columbus should keep an eye out for the national roll out of the app. (You can read my post on how it all works here.) 

    I love the concept of the app because it takes the place of carrying several loyalty cards, clipping coupons and checking/credit cards and gift cards. App users can use their checking account to via the app at any merchant that accepts payment through CurrentC. Anything that can save time and money is worth using.

    How to Save Money and Time, The Easy Way | MommyWifeLife


    How to Save Your Money and Time, The Easy Way | MommyWifeLife

     What could you use more of, money or time?

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    Sweet Potato Casserole Made Easy | Fairwind FWPC6L Pressure Cooker Review

    Sweet Potato Casserole Made Easy With The Fairwind FWCP6L Cooker Pressure | MommyWIfeLife.comSweet Potato Casserole Made Easy With The Fairwind FWCP6L Cooker Pressure | MommyWIfeLife.com

    I received this product from Air & Water for review purposes. All thoughts expressed are 100% my own.

    Why am I just discovering the ease of meal prep with a pressure cooker? All my years of cooking I have been overworked and deprived. As a child I remember seeing big pressure cooker pots sitting around in the kitchens of family members, but never did I see them in use. Over the Thanksgiving holiday I used a pressure cooker for the first time and I have used it every other day since.

    Sweet potatoes are my favorite food to cook with during the holidays. There are many ways to prepare them and they are simply delicious (and healthy, depending on how they are prepared). I had the task of taking both sweet potato pies and casserole to our family’s Thanksgiving dinner this year. I decided I would skip the big pots of boiling water on the stove and cook the sweet potatoes for both dishes in my digital Fairwind FWPC6L Pressure Cooker.

    Sweet Potato Casserole Made Easy With The Fairwind FWCP6L Cooker Pressure | MommyWIfeLife.com

    Features of the Cooker Pressure

    • Indicator beep at end of cycle and when removing or closing the lid
    • Digital screen
    • Keep warm function
    • 6 liter pot
    • 8 Preprogrammed multifunctions
    • Stainless steel finish
    • Easy to clean
    • Lightweight and can be easily stored
    • Includes rice measuring cup, 2 serving spoons & a stainless steel steam rack

    Watch it in action:

    It’s that simple to use! There are plenty of pre-programmed functions, so your cooking is really as simple as pressing a button. The On-demand Pressure function was best for getting my sweet potatoes soft and tender for mixing for the sweet potato casserole.

    Sweet Potato Casserole Made Easy With The Fairwind FWCP6L Cooker Pressure | MommyWIfeLife.com

    Sweet Potato Casserole Made Easy With The Fairwind FWCP6L Cooker Pressure | MommyWIfeLife.com

    Since my initial use I have cooked sweet potatoes, cabbage, chicken sausage and potatoes, and two cornish hens in my pressure cooker. All my meals were completed in under 20 minutes! I had great joy in prepping the food, tossing it inside the pressure cooker and walking away until I heard it beep to indicate it being done–very little work. All of us with busy lives live for quick and delicious meals, right?

    If talking about cooking made you hungry, here’s the recipe for the sweet potato casserole that I’ve shared at Thanksgiving meals for the past three years. It is said to be a copycat of a national steak house franchise. I’ve never eaten this particular dish at that restaurant, however, this side dish delicious and is comfort and dessert in one bite. Pin the recipe for later!

    Sweet Potato Casserole

    Sweet Potato Casserole Made Easy With The Fairwind FWCP6L Cooker Pressure | MommyWIfeLife.com

    Serves 6
    This is a great side dish for any meal, but especially holiday meals.
    Write a review
    Prep Time
    5 min
    Cook Time
    45 min
    Total Time
    50 min
    2. 3 cups mashed sweet potatoes
    3. 1 cup sugar
    4. 1/2 teaspoon salt
    5. 1 teaspoon vanilla
    6. 2 eggs (well beaten)
    7. 1 stick butter melted
    9. 1 cup brown sugar
    10. 1/3 cup flour
    11. 1 cup chopped pecans
    12. 1/3 butter melted
    1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Cook sweet potatoes in pressure cooker (or boil) with skin on for 15 minutes. Remove skin from potatoes and add to a large mixing bowl. Mash potatoes and add/combine the sugar, salt, vanilla, eggs and butter in mixing bowl. Pour into a buttered baking dish. In a small bowl, combine brown sugar, flour, nuts and butter for crust. Sprinkle the crust mixture evenly on the top of the sweet potato mixture. Bake in oven for 30 minutes. Allow the dish to set before serving.
    By Teri Watters

    This post may include affiliate links. See disclosure.

    Find more information about the Fairwind FWPC6L Pressure Cooker on the official website or on Amazon.

    Have you ever used a pressure cooker? If so, what’s your favorite meal to prepare while using one?

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    Tips To Survive the Holidays With In-Laws

    How to Survive Holidays with In-Laws

    Everyone has different experiences with the families they marry into. Some have real-life horror stories when it comes to in-laws and others have great experiences, making it easy to love their new family. I can’t say I have experienced awful in-laws, but I know what it’s like to have to get used to a new family, especially during the holidays. When my husband and I got married we decided we would alternate Thanksgivings with our families. Every other year we alternate between being with my family in Indiana or here in Columbus with my husband’s family. This decision wasn’t difficult because we both enjoy being with our families, but boy did I miss (and still miss) being with my family on holidays. Getting used to new people, traditions and ways can be exciting and interesting, and for some, uncomfortable.

    In recent months I have had conversations with people who are newly weds or who are soon to be married. In every conversation the topic of in-laws came up. So, for those who are apprehensive about spending the upcoming holidays with in-laws, here are tips to consider.

    4 Tips, Plus a Bonus, on How to Survive Holidays with In-Laws

    Tip #1: Be Yourself

    What do they/will they think of me? Am I too loud am I too nice? Stop questioning who you are. You don’t have to pretend to be anyone or anything that you aren’t. There’s no need to conform to be accepted. Your in-laws should love you for who you are. If they don’t, that is a their problem and they will have to get use to you being you.

    Tip #2: Be Genuine & Honest

    Along with being yourself, be honest. You’re allowed to express yourself and voice your opinion even if it isn’t the opinion of the majority. Genuinely engage with the family. You may not become best friends with with every member of the family (which is ok), but allowing genuine relationships to develop should be your goal. You are family and should find a way to connect.

     Tip #3 Bite Your Tongue

    Just like your blood relatives, in-laws can sometimes say something to you or about you that rubs you the wrong way. Although it’s ok to peacefully defend yourself, some things are simply not worth the fight. Sometimes sharing your opinion isn’t appropriate or necessary, so be wise when responding or giving your two cents.

    Tip # 4: They Aren’t YOUR Family

    I know, in tip #2 I told you that your in-laws are your family, but hear me out on this tip. The best advice I have received in regards to adjusting to having in-laws is, “Everyone’s family is different.” This helped me to understand that it’s ok that your in-laws have traditions you’re not used to and that everyone doesn’t have to think the same way. You and your spouse don’t always see things the same way, why?  Because people’s life experiences make them who they are, you will always run into people who aren’t exactly like you. At the end of the day, do your best to accept others for who they are.


    You don’t necessarily like everyone you have ever come across. You aren’t obligated to like everyone and everyone isn’t obligated to like you; however, being cordial hasn’t ever hurt anyone.

    How to Survive Holidays with In-Laws

    If you’re brave enough to answer, how has your experience been spending holidays with in-laws?

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    Get Inspired to Cook with the LG Studio Kitchen at Best Buy

    Get Inspired to Cook with the LG Studio Kitchen at Best Buy

    I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card for this post. Thoughts expressed are my own.

    I will admit, I don’t post recipes on my blog because I am often, well, unmotivated to cook. I know, a blog with the name of Mommy Wife & Life should be full of recipes and kitchen tips, however I have been in a cooking rut and have been uninspired to create new and fun foods.

    A recent trip to the Type-A Parent Conference in Atlanta helped me to see my kitchen and cooking skills in a new light. I got the opportunity to learn about and taste some amazing recipes through live demos by Southern chef and author, Virginia Willis. Chef Virginia Willis shared a delicious Apple Pie Smoothie recipe that, with one sip, made you feel like you were in your grandmother’s kitchen.

    Best Buy LG Studio Kitchen Suite

    She whipped up a few recipes for us all while in the LG Studio Kitchen Suite, which featured the new and stylish appliances from the LG Studio Kitchen Line.

    Best Buy LG Studio Kitchen Suite | MommyWifeLife

    Best Buy LG Studio Kitchen Suite | MommyWifeLife

    After one good look at this beautiful new line of appliances and receiving Virginia Willis’s new cookbook, Lighten up y’all: Classic Southern Recipes made Healthy & Wholesome I was ready to get creative again. The LG Studio Suite made me feel at home and ready to cook up some southern homestyle foods.

    LG Studio Kitchen Suite

    The sleek design and look of the LG Studio Kitchen would upgrade any kitchen. Cooking up special meals for the family would be made easier and lackluster moments in the kitchen would be no more.

    Some Features of the LG Studio Kitchen Line

    • Sophisticated, Timeless Innovation- Cutting-edge appliance technology blended with energy savings capabilities delivery state-of-the-art functionality that goes far beyond just delivering your everyday needs.
    • The stylish design of the LG Studio Kitchen Line is an uncompromising approach to design that makes a bold statement in a home and makes stylish addition to kitchen décor.
    • Every LG Studio appliance is crafted from the highest-quality, premium materials and meticulously designed to incorporate thoughtful, innovative features for a kitchen that’s distinctly your own.

    Best Buy has great offers to help you save on your new kitchen design:

    • 5X My BBY Points on all LG Cooking Major Appliances (through 10/31)
    • Save an additional $400 when you create your own 4 piece LG kitchen package (through 11/3)
    • Get free delivery, haul-away and recycling on major appliance purchases $399 and up
    • 18 month financing on major appliance purchases $599 and up or 10% back in Rewards

    Need more design help? Watch this video to learn more about designing your kitchen with tips from Nate Berkus and discover all the features of the new line here.

    Would a newly designed kitchen inspire you to whip up new recipes?