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    Dental Office Must-Have for Kids: Dental Reflections Dublin

    My five and six year olds have always enjoyed caring for their teeth. When I told them we were visiting a new dental office they screamed with excitement. You see, we hadn’t been to the dentist in a (*muffles mouth*) couple years. Changes in health insurance and family size kept me from scheduling regular appointments. Thankfully, Dental Reflections Dublin, including Dr. Rudi As-Sanie, didn’t judge (me) us when we entered their doors.

    With multiple children, including a toddler, I look for a few things: convenience, comfort and a kid-friendly staff. It’s hard for me to muster up the courage to take little ones to the grocery store. It takes even more courage to take them to a quiet office of any kind. Successful dental office visits with kids requires just a few things.

    Dental Office Must-Have for Kids

    Toys & Play Area

    Dental Reflections Dublin spoke my kids’ language as soon as we entered the doors–LEGOs were on the table in the waiting room! There was an additional play area in the exam area where kids could read or draw to pass the time.

    Open Exam Rooms

    Not only do most kids want to know that mom or dad are near, but having one big open space for the children’s exams allow parents to be present with more than one child at once. Having more than one appointment at the same time is always my preferred office visit. At Dental Reflections I was able to conveniently keep an eye on and encourage both daughters during their cleanings.

    No Pain

    Getting sunglasses to block the hygienist’s light was the first step to making my girls feel comfortable. They instantly thought they looked cool, so of course, they felt cool. The hygienists connected with the girls by explaining every part of the exam.

    This helped diminish any fear the girls may have had. Our oldest had a couple wiggly teeth and was apprehensive about them being cleaned. Thankfully, they were handled with care and the hygienist even demonstrated how my daughter could properly clean the loose teeth without them hurting.

    More Toys, Prizes and New Brushes

    Of course, it’s not a dentist appointment unless you get to pick new toys and toothbrushes. Receiving goody bags and choosing new toys was certainly one of the highlights of the visit. Brushing at home got a little sweeter with new “grown-up” like spinning toothbrushes.

    A Family Dentist

    I too had an exam, which followed my daughters’. Adult exams are given in a private area, separate from the pediatric side. The exam included x-rays, a thorough cleaning in a private area, digital pictures of my teeth taken with a pen-like camera (so cool), that were later displayed on a tv monitor as Dr. Rudi explained to me the good (and some bad) results. Dental Reflections provided, by far, the most comprehensive and pain-free dental visit I have had.

    As an office, they showed genuine interest in my oral health and the level of comfort of my family. After being cared for by the hygienist and Dr. Rudi As-Sanie, we left feeling like we had just made new friends.

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    LEGOLAND Discovery Center Columbus is on Its Way



    The anticipation is great and Fall 2018 can’t get here fast enough. I am raising two LEGO fanatics and the news we recently received has us cheesing from eart to ear. Easton Town Center, here in Columbus, has something special coming its way–LEGOLAND® Discovery Center! My family and I recently attended the groundbreaking for the new attraction.

    The event included words from Easton’s CEO, Jennifer Peterson, representatives of LEGOLAND Discovery Center Columbus and Merlin Entertainments and Experience Columbus. Bertie the Builder, the LEGOLAND Discovery Center mascot, made an appearance, allowing attendees to snap picture after picture.

    The highlight of the event was the dropping of 90,000 LEGOs from a dump truck, which kids soon ran to to build until their hearts were content. The cold temps didn’t stop anyone from having a little LEGO fun.

    The LEGOLAND Discovery Center Columbus is set to open in the fall of 2018 (I’ll keep you posted). Children will have over 36,000 square feet of space to build and create. This $10 million indoor center’s features include:

    LEGO Theme Play Areas

    Two Interactive Rides

    Master Model Builder Classes

    Party Rooms

    4-D Cinema

    My LEGO loving family cannot wait for the doors to open! It will be the perfect place to head to during the day after homeschool lessons.

    Are you excited about what’s happening in Columbus?

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    Give Her Hope This Holiday Season

    This post is in partnership with YMCA of Central Ohio, however, all thoughts are my own.

    I became a mom a little over six years ago. That day changed my entire world and was one of the best moments of my life. Motherhood can be magical, but for some moms, magical moments don’t occur as often as they wish. This Holiday season I am helping bring awareness to those moms, particularly women with children who are experiencing homelessness, by partnering with the YMCA of Central Ohio and the Give Her Hope campaign.

    Homelessness in Central Ohio

    Unsurprisingly, during the winter months the number of people experiencing homelessness increases. The YMCA of Central Ohio assists families all year round, but provides services to many more individuals during this season than others. The Van Buren Center in Downtown Columbus sees an average of 250 women, 30 expectant mothers and 227 children each night. Their shelter and placement services, along with 60 partnering agencies, are keeping these families together during their most difficult times and circumstances.

    YMCA of Central Ohio - Give to Her Campaign

    Tonja’s Story

    Here’s a look at what one woman has experienced with homelessness and the YMCA:

    Give Her Hope

    All people, but especially children, are greatly impacted by their stays in shelters. Staying in such space can take a toll both mentally and emotionally. Knowing and seeing children go without is heartbreaking, which is why your donation is needed. One hundred percent of donations are used to help these children’s mothers get the needed assistance to gain stability.

    YMCA Central Ohio - Give Her Hope

    Give & Receive

    Donate a gift of $10 or more and you’ll receive a Bracelet of Hope. Your bracelet will not only help families, but will be a reminder of your support and your interconnection with those in need.

    YMCA Central Ohio - Give Her Hope

    Share the Message

    Click here to share and learn more about the Give Her Hope campaign. You can also follow the YMCA on Facebook for more ways to help.

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    How To Save Money and Time, The Easy Way

    This post is sponsored by CurrentC via Blog Meets Brand. All opinions are my own.

    Have you been running around town like a crazy person this season? I know I’m not the only one who has said “Yes” to attending too many holiday events. Although I usually enjoy the time I spend at these special events and the fab people that attend, exhaustion kicks in and I find myself wanting more time for myself and family.

    Since I usually overbook myself, I typically do holiday shopping (or any shopping besides for groceries) online. This year I have braved the crowds and have done some shopping at large retailers. Surprisingly, it has not been too bad. I haven’t had to endure long lines due to stores being short staffed or stores having a low inventory on the items I am looking for, which is a holiday shopper’s dream, right!?

    Saving Time

    Speaking of dreams, we have been in need of new bedding for a while now. My desire for more time for rest–good rest–led me to make a trip to Sears to find the perfect set of new sheets. I thought maybe if I get new bedding, the rest that I do get, will be more enjoyable and beneficial. We made it a family trip to the store, but when we arrived I realized both of our daughters had fallen asleep, which meant I needed to make my shopping trip as quick as possible. Luckily, I was able to easily find exactly what I wanted. Checking out was just as quick because prior to heading to the store I connected my checking account to the CurrentC app. Doing so allowed me to whip out my phone and easily scan a QR code to complete the transaction. Using the app had me back in my car with my husband and girls in just a few minutes.

    How to Save Money and Time, The Easy Way | MommyWifeLife

    Convenience at the Pump

    The best thing happened on our way home from the mall! We stopped at Exxon Mobil for a quick fill up and before ever exiting the car, we initiated payment via CurrentC. After getting the desired amount of gas the transaction was completed through the app all while sitting in the car. Talk about convenience! Stopping at a gas station during the winter months in Columbus can be daring. Cold winds bite every part of you the second you step out of the car. It’s not unbearable, but it sure is inconvenient to be outside of the warmth of the car longer than you have to be.

    How to Save Money and Time, The Easy Way | MommyWifeLife

    In a previous post I shared how to use CurrentC, which is a free mobile app that is a mobile wallet, currently in beta and available only in Columbus, Ohio. Users can use the in-app location finder to see what retailers near them accept payment through CurrentC. Folks outside of Columbus should keep an eye out for the national roll out of the app. (You can read my post on how it all works here.) 

    I love the concept of the app because it takes the place of carrying several loyalty cards, clipping coupons and checking/credit cards and gift cards. App users can use their checking account to via the app at any merchant that accepts payment through CurrentC. Anything that can save time and money is worth using.

    How to Save Money and Time, The Easy Way | MommyWifeLife


    How to Save Your Money and Time, The Easy Way | MommyWifeLife

     What could you use more of, money or time?

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    Free Krispy Kreme Doughnuts For A Year?

    This is NOT a sponsored post, only a recap of a recent experience.

    Once a month for the next year I will receive FREE Krispy Kreme Doughnuts! Krispy Kreme Doughnuts have been my favorite doughnuts since I was a child. The gas station around the corner from my childhood home would get a fresh delivery of them around 10:00pm every night. Sometimes my mom, sister and I would sit in the car, waiting for the Krispy Kreme truck to arrive. We would save the doughnuts for the next morning’s breakfast. Thinking about it makes me laugh, but these treats are just that good!

    Why I Am Getting Free Doughnuts

    Krispy Kreme has just opened it’s third store here in Columbus. This third location is five minutes from my house. When I learned that this store was going up, I KNEW I wanted to be at the grand opening. I read all about the event’s details on the official KK website and was prepared to be there. Well, this past Tuesday at 4:00am, I woke up, freshened up and drove to the new store for its grand opening. When I arrived about 4:45am there was a nice size line wrapped around the building. It was pretty quiet and calm and most definitely, chilly.

    I got in line and soon found out I was the 80th person (later became the 79th) to join the crowd–just the news I wanted to hear! The first 100 were guaranteed to win doughnuts for a year. The very first person in line, who was a slim built man in his 30’s, won a prize of free doughnuts every week for a year–that’s a LOT of doughnuts! The first 150 people in line also received a commemorative shirt.

    After the clock struck 6:00am, the store officially opened and the smell of doughnuts and coffee overwhelmed us all. Take a look inside:

    Winners of the doughnuts for a year received a punch card and were allowed to receiver their doughnuts for the month that day. I took advantage of the deal by getting a dozen original glaze and added a couple more dozens of the same on top of that. Krispy Kreme doughnuts are a favorite amongst family and friends, so I got extra to share.

    You normally won’t find me in many grand opening lines or Black Friday shopping crowds, but I thoroughly enjoyed the grand opening experience Krispy Kreme offered to Columbus. Now to have self-control and avoid the place until it’s time to use my free doughnuts card.

    Have you ever stood in line at a similar event?

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    Recap: Fun Family Night at the LEGO Creativity Tour in Columbus

    LEGO Creativity Tour Columbus Recap | MommyWifeLife

    I received admission to the LEGO Creativity Tour in exchange for my review through U.S. Family Guide.

    Over the weekend my family and I enjoyed some much needed time together outside the house at the LEGO Kid’s Fest at the Columbus Convention Center. This event is a part of the LEGO Creativity Tour that makes stops across the country, giving kids and their families a chance to create, build, and celebrate LEGOs®. Each session was three hours long, which was plenty of time to see the available stations in the exhibit hall; however, there was so much to do! There were many areas for kids to build a small set, show the event’s staff and receive free kits. (I did not expect to get freebies.)

    LEGO Creativity Tour Columbus Recap | MommyWifeLife

    My family especially enjoyed taking pics with the collection of statues made of LEGOs®. You could find everything from animals to princesses to superheroes taller than most adults. Other cool features of the event were the huge piles of LEGOs® for kids to build whatever they could imagine, a photo booth to capture the moment, plus a LEGO® Friends™ kit.

    LEGO Creativity Tour Columbus Recap | MommyWifeLife


    LEGO Creativity Tour Columbus Recap | MommyWifeLife

    The activities in the room were divided by age, sometimes gender, which helped to keep the smaller children from getting trampled by bigger (excited) kids. The LEGO® Creativity Tour is fun for all ages and is a great way to spend quality time together.

    LEGO Creativity Tour Columbus Recap | MommyWifeLife

    Have you ever attended a LEGO event? What’s your favorite LEGO set?