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This post is sponsored by Carise’s Joy. All thoughts expressed are 100% my own.
I have a terrible habit of not always taking care of myself. The majority of my day is spent nurturing, caring for and educating my children. I am slightly embarrassed to share that I tend to neglect my hair, nails, and skin. My hair is usually dry, my hands can always use lotion and my feet are, to say the least, disastrous. The winter is the worst time for skin and hair to experience dryness, yet I typically don’t jump into action to restore the moisture until it’s a little late. I’m attempting to be proactive this season by giving my hair and skin some joy—Carise’s Joy.
I know I’m not alone when I say being a mom (and wife) comes with many responsibilities–we are bosses! We are often so caught up in making sure everyone around us is taken care of that we forget about our physical and mental health and beauty. I recently realized that taking care of ME doesn’t require a ton of time or money–just intentionality.

Carise’s Joy


For the past few weeks I have given my skin a lift by using products offered by Carise’s Joy–whipped butter, hand and body scrub, and body butter. Listen. It’s so good that even my husband keeps dipping into the jars. This line of products are handcrafted and free of silicones, parabens, formaldehyde donors, mineral oils, or petroleum. Creator, Candace Gaiters, proudly uses “sustainable ingredients infused with natural butters and oils blended to perfection with LOVE and JOY”. The entire Carise’s Joy skincare line will be available for purchase online on its new site beginning January 19.


Options Galore

The line smells so good! I know, you’d rather know if the products are actually effective (and I’ll get to that), but each of the three jars of joy I have are incredibly, aromatically satisfying. This alone has me eager to apply it to my skin each and every day. Carise’s Joy offers both scented and unscented products. If you are a fragrance kind of girl (or guy) there are several scents for you to choose from:

Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil (My choice for the whipped butter, perfect for relaxing.)
Brown Sugar Fig
Japanese Yuzu Citrus (I chose this scent for the hand and body scrub.)
Cranberry Pomegranate
Bartlett Pear
Love’s Joy (My absolute favorite and choice for the body butter.)

Hand and Body Scrub

My rough hands and feet love the hand and body scrub. I use it three to four days a week while I shower and/or at night solely on my hands. The scrub immediately exfoliates and softens my skin and the Japanese Yuzu Citrus scent is absolutely refreshing. It’s not too coarse and feels like I’m rubbing brown sugar and oils onto my body.

Whipped Butter

The whipped butter is perfect for dry and damaged skin. My favorite time to use it is on my hands and a small amount on my face before bed. It comes out of the jar thick but almost instantly melts into your skin when applied. Only a little is needed to moisturize dry areas so the eight ounces of whipped butter can easily last a long time.

Body Butter

If I had to pick a favorite product from the entire line it would be the body butter. I wish you I could add a scratch and sniff sticker to this post so you could get a whiff of the amazing fragrance in my jar. You’ll get to choose your own scent, but the Love’s Joy scent is divine! The butter itself is incredibly moisturizing with a consistency similar to a thicker lotion. Like the whipped butter, only a little is needed to satisfy the skin.

I can honestly say that my skin, especially my hands, are smoother and retain the moisture provided by all of the Carise’s Joy products. I am finally taking care of me without the accompaniment of mom guilt.

Be sure to follow Carise’s Joy on Instagram for product updates and purchase your own jars on anytime after January 19.

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