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    A Homeschooler’s Guide to Barnes & Noble

    A Homeschooler's Guide to Barnes & Noble | MommyWifeLife

    My family and I attended a Barnes & Noble Homeschool event not long ago and I was so surprised to learn about all the store offers to educators, including homeschoolers.

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    I love to see local organizations and businesses showing their support of homeschoolers. I have shared our experience at a local waterpark and zoo as homeschoolers. From special days, classes, and discounts, you will find that many local and national organizations and businesses do not discriminate against homeschooling families, giving you more opportunities to find fun and social activities and events.

    Our evening at the Homeschool Event at Barnes & Nobles included a brief introduction of what is available for homeschoolers, a giveaway, Pete the Cat crafts for the kids and freshly baked cookies for all attendees–my favorite was the apple ginger cookie whose recipe was created by a B&N shopper. The store manager shared all the benefits of the store that one might not be aware of, including LEGO building events, multiple educator appreciation sales a year, and the store’s donation of unsold clearance books.

    A Homeschooler's Guide to Barnes & Noble | MommyWifeLife

    There are many ways homeschoolers can benefit from visiting their local Barnes & Nobles and I am sharing them all.

    A Homeschooler’s Guide to Barnes & Noble

    • Join the Kids’ Club Children get a free item selected by the store plus opportunities to earn reward certificates through a loyalty program.
    • Save Money & Get Discounts Homeschool educators can sign up to receive a free discount card to receive 20% off classroom related purchases and get 25% off books, gifts and cafe purchases, plus 10% off on CD and DVDs during the multiple educator appreciation weeks (There are four a year).
    • Raise Money Homeschool co-ops can team up with B&N to raise money through a book fair. Book fairs are done in-store and allow supporters to make purchases on their own time.
    • Take a Field Trip Homeschool groups and co-ops can get a behind the scenes look at the store, helping students to learn exactly how the store operates
    • Have Story Time You will have to call your local B&N to find out times and days, but stores offer story time for the little ones.
    • Homeschool Educator Events Events like the one my family and I attended are offered throughout the year. Be sure to check out your local B&N calendar to attend one near you.
    • Rewards for Reading During the summer, children can read books (bought from the store or borrowed from the library), write about their favorite part of the book and return it to the store to receive a free book.
    • Donated Clearance Books Did you know that B&N donates unsold clearance books? If you have a homeschool group/co-op that would like some donated books, call your local store. According to our local manager, they may give you their books!

    Do you and your family visit your local Barnes & Noble?

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    Let God’s Big WORLD Teach Your Children About Their World

    Let God's Big WORLD Teach Children About Their World

    This post is sponsored by Educents. All thoughts are 100% my own.

    As a parent and homeschooler, I want to make sure my children receive a well-rounded education that includes an array of topics. I have no problem admitting that I don’t know it all and that I look for great resources such as books, professionals, videos and some media to help educate my kiddos.

    Supplemental materials are essential and discovering God’s Big WORLD, one of three publications from WORLD News Group, offered a breath of fresh air to our usual lettersnumbers, and phonics learning routine. God’s Big WORLD is a magazine that offers a glimpse into God’s creation for children in grades pre-kindergarten-1st. Issues are full of colorful pictures and photography sparking, children’s interest about subjects that probably would not cross the average parent/teacher’s mind, but provide valuable bits of knowledge.

    Our first look at the God’s Big WORLD magazine included:

    • Learning about trees and how to tell their age
    • Reading and reciting a scripture related to trees
    • Taking a closer look at cicadas, which led to us looking up videos to hear their sounds
    • Discussing what instruments have strings
    • Taking a look at the world map and identifying continents
    • Completing a worksheet to work on sequences

    God's Big WORLD Magazine is great for supplemental learning. | MommyWifeLife

    God's Big WORLD Magazine is great for supplemental learning. | MommyWifeLife

    My preschool age daughters were totally engaged by all the cool topics and ready to continue with lesson number two. Thankfully, God’s Big WORLD has a website and app that allows learning to continue, even when mom or dad aren’t instructing so the girls had a chance to watch a few videos on the website.

    God's Big WORLD Magazine is great for supplemental learning. | MommyWifeLife

    What I Love About The Magazines

    • Pictures of real people, objects and places are on every page
    • Current world events and culture are shared
    • Children can learn fun facts about the world around them
    • The magazine is organized by lesson, which allows parents and children to have a structured experience (if they desire) while exploring the issue
    • Scripture and inspiration is woven throughout the publications without a cheesy presentation
    • Several teaching subjects (i.e. math, reading, geography, etc) are included in each issue
    • An easy and great way to share God’s creation and word with your family

    WORLD News Group also publishes WORLDkids (suggested for children in grades 2nd-5th) and WORLDteen (suggested for children in grades 6th-9th). Each magazine offers age-appropriate content, as well as interactive websites that include additional content and learning through videos and quizzes. They also have apps that are free to download on mobile devices.

    Let God's Big WORLD Teach Children About Their World

    You can learn more about all WORLD News Group publications, how to subscribe to the magazine that best fits your child’s age, including God’s Big WORLD here.

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    Get Inspired to Cook with the LG Studio Kitchen at Best Buy

    Get Inspired to Cook with the LG Studio Kitchen at Best Buy

    I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card for this post. Thoughts expressed are my own.

    I will admit, I don’t post recipes on my blog because I am often, well, unmotivated to cook. I know, a blog with the name of Mommy Wife & Life should be full of recipes and kitchen tips, however I have been in a cooking rut and have been uninspired to create new and fun foods.

    A recent trip to the Type-A Parent Conference in Atlanta helped me to see my kitchen and cooking skills in a new light. I got the opportunity to learn about and taste some amazing recipes through live demos by Southern chef and author, Virginia Willis. Chef Virginia Willis shared a delicious Apple Pie Smoothie recipe that, with one sip, made you feel like you were in your grandmother’s kitchen.

    Best Buy LG Studio Kitchen Suite

    She whipped up a few recipes for us all while in the LG Studio Kitchen Suite, which featured the new and stylish appliances from the LG Studio Kitchen Line.

    Best Buy LG Studio Kitchen Suite | MommyWifeLife

    Best Buy LG Studio Kitchen Suite | MommyWifeLife

    After one good look at this beautiful new line of appliances and receiving Virginia Willis’s new cookbook, Lighten up y’all: Classic Southern Recipes made Healthy & Wholesome I was ready to get creative again. The LG Studio Suite made me feel at home and ready to cook up some southern homestyle foods.

    LG Studio Kitchen Suite

    The sleek design and look of the LG Studio Kitchen would upgrade any kitchen. Cooking up special meals for the family would be made easier and lackluster moments in the kitchen would be no more.

    Some Features of the LG Studio Kitchen Line

    • Sophisticated, Timeless Innovation- Cutting-edge appliance technology blended with energy savings capabilities delivery state-of-the-art functionality that goes far beyond just delivering your everyday needs.
    • The stylish design of the LG Studio Kitchen Line is an uncompromising approach to design that makes a bold statement in a home and makes stylish addition to kitchen décor.
    • Every LG Studio appliance is crafted from the highest-quality, premium materials and meticulously designed to incorporate thoughtful, innovative features for a kitchen that’s distinctly your own.

    Best Buy has great offers to help you save on your new kitchen design:

    • 5X My BBY Points on all LG Cooking Major Appliances (through 10/31)
    • Save an additional $400 when you create your own 4 piece LG kitchen package (through 11/3)
    • Get free delivery, haul-away and recycling on major appliance purchases $399 and up
    • 18 month financing on major appliance purchases $599 and up or 10% back in Rewards

    Need more design help? Watch this video to learn more about designing your kitchen with tips from Nate Berkus and discover all the features of the new line here.

    Would a newly designed kitchen inspire you to whip up new recipes?